The Devil's Radio
                               KFJC  89.7  FM 

     A 1994, UP-DATED (2013) PUBLISHED STUDY

Sections :
1. The Haunted Toys "R" Us Toy Store, Chain
1. History of the Murphy family in Santa Clara County
. Devil Groupies at KFJC 89.7 FM - Los Altos Hills, CA 
  Self named: "The Devil's Radio"
. New Age Sun God Theology / Conspiracy / Sunnyvale
. The associated New Age Conspiracy, and the players involved 


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        Most information contained herein can be 
        obtained through the relevant Santa Clara
        County, California public libraries - 
       this includes the Sunnyvale City Library and
       the Murphy Museum located in Sunnyvale 
       California, where docents will confirm facts 
         presented here in reference to Martin Murphy.



--Spliff Skankin'

Spliff Skankin' (Dennis Edward Bishop, Jr.)


Satanist Jose' Scott (creator of The Devil's Radio)

Satanist Eric Weaver


The Toys 'R' Us toys store where strange paranormal activity happens,
is located at 13O El Camino Real, at the corner of El Camino Real and
the Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road in Sunnyvale, California.

"Murphy's Ghost" has been a U.S. National TV story many times, including 
the television program "That's Incredible", also there was a special 
done for the CBS Network on poltergeist activity, and the innumberable 
news stories (a short synopsis is included below).

The ghostly games at the Toys "R" Us store include:

1.  Dolls that aren't supposed to talk, and then start talking.
2.  An employee was sitting alone in the employee lounge - Suddenly a
    large bulleting board secured to the wall began to swing back and
    forth.  Then a stack of papers on top of the refrigerator fluttered
    to the floor, one by one.  There was no fan or ventilator system
    that could account for this.
3.  Charlie Brown another Toys 'R' Us employee, had a brush with the
    supernatural one evening while closing up.  He had just locked the
    door when he heard a banging sound from inside.  Brown returned to
    the building, unlocked the door and entered - there was no-one
    inside.  He closed and locked the door and the banging started
    once more.  The pattern continued several times until he finally
    gave up and walked away.
4.  Regina Gibson, a clerk, tells of hearing her name called again
    and again while she was alone in the Customer Service Area and of
    feeling someone running its fingers through her long hair while
    she was perched on a high ladder stocking shelves.
5.  Judy Jackson, the store manager, was recently confronted by a
    customer who complained, "There's something strange going on in the
    women's bathroom."  Jackson listened in amazement as she explained,
    "I turned off the water faucet, but by the time I reached the door
    it had turned itself on again.  I went back and turned it off, only
    to have it turn on again.  This happened three times and now it's
    on again."
6.  One evening just before closing time, Bill Peevan, another employee,
    carefully stacked a group of shoe skates on a shelf.  He was the
    last one out of the building.  The next morning he returned to find
    them rearranged in an intricate pattern, on the floor.
7.  Another employee stated, that "You hear your name called when you
    know nobody else is in the store.  Walk up aisle 4A to 4B and you'll
    feel the air change, like he's breathing on you.  Stuff will fall 
    off shelves for no reason, and toys that you put in one place will 
    turn up in another.
8.  Another employee, who didn't wish to be interviewed, said she saw
    him (the ghost) two weeks ago. (as reported in news clippings).
9.  Another employee Putt-Putt O'Brien, who has spent 18 years stacking
    toys at the store, stated also of the change of air, and also
    hearing his name many times.
1O. A former employee, Margie Honey stated that she is not entireley
    sure the ghost is completely friendly.  She recalled a time when
    a clerk picked up a box of baby products for a customer, felt
    something hot, and found three long scratches down her face.
    Honey, who started working there even before the store was
    completed, said someone used to come up and tap people on the
    shoulder, and no one was there.
11. As of 12 July, 1995, another case has come to the attention of the
    investigator of these occurances.  An individual who resides very
    close to the Toys 'R' Us store, while knowlegable of the case
    history, brought her husband to the store recently.  Her husband
    started to say the name, "Murphy", and in a feeling of dread.
    He complained wishing for the couple to leave the store immediately.
    Reportedly the husband did not know anything about the particulars
    of the haunting, nor anything about Murphy, nor even his name
    prior to the incident.
12. Also another individual which remained anonymous in a news story
    has stated that some toys did in fact leap out at him while in the 
    store, and for no apparent reason whatsoever.
13. Coincidentally and strangely after the first publishing of this 
    investigation in the fall of 1994 a former long time employee of 
    the Sunnyvale Toys R Us store happened to arrive at the employment 
    location of the author of this investigation, as a contractor 
    employee.  Statements were made that long time store manager, 
    Stephanie Lewis who's offices are on the second story level of 
    the store, is irrational beyond belief, to the point of flying 
    off the handle in most unique and frightening ways. 
14. The paranormal occurances continue to this day.  There
    are inumerable other stories that are not included in this
    investigation, which can be found in the Sunnyvale Public

In hopes of meeting the ghost "Martin Murphy", a group of psychic
researchers, spent a long night in the store.

1.  During the night, a giant bean bag set well back on the shelf
    tumbled to the floor - seemingly of its own volition.
2.  Several balls belonging on the shelves on aisle 1O7 appeared on the
    floor of aisle 2O6.  Later that night a weighted ball was found in
    the center of a corridor and was put back on its shelf and
    barricaded in place by a box.  Within a hour the ball was back on
    the floor again - the box pushed to one side.
3.  Possibly the most startling thing to come out of the toy shop
    seance that was conducted was the weird light show of dancing
    blobs captured on film by Oakland photographer Bill Tidwell.

The star of the research team was Sylvia Brown, co-founder of the
Campbell, California, based Nirvana Foundation (very near Sunnyvale),
who attempted to physically "tune in" to the store.  Sylvia Brown 
claims that she is possessed by a spirit who goes by the name 
"Francine", when she is delivering psychic readings.  Sylvia Brown 
said and claims that the spirit is actually a one time farm worker, 
named Yonny Johnson, who boarded with residents on the exact spot 
of the present Toys 'R' Us store in the 18OO's.  Yonny (Yonni) was 
reportedly/apparently courting one of Martin Murphy's daughters, and 
planned to ask Elizabeth Murphy to marry him.  However, Johnson later 
found out that Elizabeth was engaged to another man.  Shortly afterward, 
Johnson was found dead in the orchard (exactly where the Toys 'R' Us 
store is now), with an axe wound to the neck.  

IN DIRECT CONTRADITION to the claimed psychic readings that were 
performed by charlatan psychic Sylvia Brown, this investigation here
will prove that the individual who is haunting the area now, is not 
Yonny Johnson at all, but actually a demon who poses as Martin Murphy,
and thus the seat of demonic power that is gripping the whole area 
concerned.  That being, the Silicon Valley / Santa Clara Valley.

As we go further into the investigation, there are certain 
peculiarities that surround the toy industry and Toys "R" Us that
should be considered -

The Toy Industry:

There are more than numerous claims and instances of spirits that
have manifested themselves while using Ouija boards.  Until very
very recently, Ouija boards were made in Salem Massachusetts, by
the Parker Brothers Toy Company, which has a 'swirling downward drain'
as their company logo.  1692 is the year that saw the Salem Witch Trials,
and interestingly enough, Ouija boards are in fact made in Salem,
Massachusetts.  Also, in Adolf Hitler's plan to aim for the minds and
spirits of the youth of Germany, so also is the ability for the toy 
industry to also aim at the minds of the youth of this world.  The ability
to create an epoch of change, a whole generation, that is manifested in 
children's minds, will certainly result in a changed mental outlook for 
future generations.  This is exactly why Adolf Hitler aimed his propaganda
at the youth of Germany.

The toy industry's largest income generation from sales comes with
Christmas (Xmas), however when it is fully realized in relation to
Holy Scriptural teachings, it is nothing more than the spirit of 
Anti-Christ, in its present materialistic monetary and non-secular/
non-Christian form.  In all actuality the celebration during Dec. 25th,
is not the date of the saviors birth, but rather a continuation of the 
pagan Saturnalia celebrations that featured misletoe and trees, etc.
In the Holy scriptures it describes Satan as residing in the 
recesses of the North (Santa/Satan North Pole).  The words Satan and 
Santa are not a dislexia predicament, but rather a coincidence in 
aligned competing forces versus the most Holy birth celebration, 
December 25th.  Competition (Santa) and confusion over the holiday, 
and an overt promoted excitement over materialism, is the successful 
plan that has been hatched by the toy industry within the last 1OO years.
The fact that the Coca-Cola Company invented the image of Santa Claus 
in his red suit close to 1OO years ago, is a historical fact and case 
in point in proving the above allegations.

As we see that the "Murphy" ghost is located in and around the Toys
"R" Us store in Sunnyvale, California - we also note that the Toys
"R" Us store chain has long ago decided to place a key franchise
in the city of Colma, California.  Colma has the distinction of
having more dead bodies than living ones, for it was the location
chosen to receive massive amounts of burials - a city dead-icated
to cemetaries.

"It's very good publicity for us" said Toys "R" Us store manager
Stephanie Lewis.  Also reported in the news: She stated in 1993 that
"We had to chase away four teen-agers.  They were sitting out front at
4 a.m., with a Ouija board, trying to conjure up the ghost.  She has 
employees who will not go into the woman's bathroom alone, Lewis said.
That's because Johnson or Murphy follows them in there and turns on the
water faucets.  Longtime employees say the ghost also pulled pranks on
contractors who come to do short-term jobs.  They see toys leap from a
shelf and refuse to come back."  Mr. Putt Putt O'Brien believes the
ghost lives upstairs in a breezy, cool corner. The store manager's
office happens to be located on the second story of the store. 
Putt Putt O'Brien also claims that because the store is on a timed 
alarm system, there is no way people can be in there at night to 
change anything around.

Now for some historical facts about the Murphys:

There is the Murphy Building, 36 South Market Street in San Jose.
In 1862 the County's Supreme Court was changed to the two-story
building (second story - upstairs) just erected for the purpose by
Martin Murphy.  The first Supreme Court in California was established
on HIS property in San Jose.  This block where the Murphy building
stands, was the center of civic and commercial life of San Jose and
the territory.  During the prosperous cattle ranching period of the
18OO's, the Murphy Estate "Bayview Ranch" in what is now Sunnyvale,
became a focal point of political and social activity in the valley,
even to the extent of being the seat of the Supreme Court power.
In Kevin Starr's book "Americans and the California Dream" he 
characterized the Murphy's as ruling the Santa Clara Valley like
ancient Irish kings.  As we consider Martin Murphy's connection to
law and order within this county, we also see another county
courthouse that is located on the corner of Mathilda and El Camino
Real in Sunnyvale, which is very near the Toy's "R" Us store
(and no doubt placed there in honor to Murphy's historic Law
connections, manipulations, control).  The legendary and infamous
term "Murphy's Law" again comes into play, as we consider the
historical significance of Martin Murphy, for there is and was a
reason for the invention and usage of that term.  The original San
Jose courthouse that Martin Murphy created was abandoned and moved
in 1868.  Martin Murphy Jr. also worked in the county court and
became a clerk as his long time career.  Patrick Murphy was elected
a state senator and became known as "General Murphy".  Bernard Murphy
was a lawyer who served three times as Mayor of San Jose, as well as
serving twice as a state senator and a member of the state legislature.
James Murphy became the first bank commissioner for the state of 
California and also served as state senator.  Families like the Murphy's
dominated and oppressively manipulated the economic and political life
of the valley.  It is also noted that Martin Murphy Jr. also waged a
campaign against the McCarty's of McCartyville which is now called
Saratoga.  The Toys 'R' Us Store happens to be located on Saratoga-
Sunnyvale Road.  In 1865 Martin Murphy also saw and was no doubt
delighted in the renaming of the McCarty's named city to Saratoga,
in part due to the death of Martin McCarty (aged 39) in 1864.
The Murphy's were also more than overt racists:  Anti-Chinese 
campaigns throughout the San Francisco Bay Area by groups like the
'Workingman's Party', of which Bernard Murphy was a founding and 
leading member, was beginning to be successful in limiting the number 
of Chinese in the area.  In the valley during the 185O's, Martin Murphy 
creating a landed aristocracy.  Murphy, one of the largest landowners 
in California, appears to have become a part of precisely what his 
family had fled English-dominated Ireland: a land gentry controlling 
the lives of tenant farmers.  Historian Paul Gates goes as far as to 
say "The Murphy's, father and son, skimmed off the cream of the land, 
created a small fortune for themselves through extensive use, but 
incurred for themselves much ill will for their treatment of settlers.  
Also his policies towards hired help or squatters were less than 

Contrary to those who paint Martin Murphy as a kind man, 
the facts remain.  Based on census manuscripts, court records, and 
contemporary diaries - that Murphy capitalized on cheap labor, 
purchased properties from those in severe financial straits, and 
aggressively litigated against these and squatters.  Authors Timothy 
Lukes and Gary Okihiro, in their book 'Japanese Legacy', suggest that 
"families like the Murphy's dominated the economic and political life 
of the valley in the 185O's, creating a landed aristocracy and 
instituted a system of paternalism."  (Papa Murphy).  And regarding 
the often mentioned "Murphy Hospitality", Interestingly enough, the 
hospitality cost people who stayed there $4.OO per night, quite a 
sum for 1849.  Like several other land barons in the state, he did 
not regret the demise of the Californios, and at one point, he owned 
9O,OOO acres in several counties, making him one of the wealthiest men 
in the state.  The Murphy family started from St. Joseph, Missouri, 
and traversed through California's Sierra, and were the first pioneer 
family to enter the California territory.  The Donner Party (for which 
the cannibalism reports come) came through just after, and stayed in 
cabins erected by the Murphy's on the trail.  Martin Murphy also built 
the first framed house ever built in California, from lumber which he 
had shipped from Boston, Massachusetts.  In 1961 the historic Murphy's 
house was destroyed by fire.  The main beam of the house was saved 
and has been incorporated in the construction of the present 
'Murphy Historical Museum' which is located in Sunnyvale.  In an
interesting retrospect we see that "Murphy's Pride", the house that 
was purchased from Massachussetts, burned down in 1961, and the 
building permit for the present Toys 'R' Us was taken out on the 
13th of December, 1963.

Interestingly there is a present day judge in the Santa Clara County
court system who's name is Murphy, and is labelled by those in and out
of the judicial system as:  "Maximum Murphy".  For he shows NO
COMPASSON WHATSOEVER.  I have yet to determine if he is related to the Murphy's
of Sunnyvale - But one thing is for certain, and that is that he is part
of the same evil judicial system that runs Santa Clara County.  A legal 
system that is on the leading edge in trying new and oppressive laws, 
devices against the people who live in the County.  Santa Clara is one of
the most unjust judicial counties in the whole nation.  One only needs to
study Silicon Valley, and thus will realize that Santa Clara County is a
leader in Surveillance Society devices - injections, body patches,
invasion of people's bodies, homes, a complete violation of human rights,
Murphy's Law, Murphy's County - Santa Clara County.

The First overt act against the Mexican Government occured on the
Murphy's Ranch.  Reports are that the Murphy's Ranch was the central
base of operations for the Bear Flag Revolt.  Kit Carson, and then
Lieutenant, General (Hell bent) Sherman were stationed at the
Bayview Ranch.

Martin Murphy's daughter, Elizabeth Yuba Murphy, was the first child 
born of immigrant parents in California.  Elizabeth Yuba Murphy married
William Taafee and they were given 2,8OO acres (which is the land that
is today's Foothill Junior College / KFJC), as a wedding gift.
Bayview (Sunnyvale).  Elizabeth Yuba Murphy died at age 3O on a visit
to the family home.  The Taafees also built a home on the present site
of Foothill College.  Names associated with the Murphy family were used
as street names throughout Los Altos Hills, and all near Foothill College.
In fact one of the houses was built on the top of the hills overlooking
Moody Road near Elizabeth Avenue (named for Martin's mother, Elizabeth
Yuba Murphy) and now has been renamed "Altamont".  "Altamont" Road and
"Taafee" Road almost encircle Foothill College.  The Taaffe Company
also is active in the maintenance of Los Altos Hills roads.  
Martin Murphy is characterised as having a great regard for learning 
and "young people".  Foothill College's (KFJC) land was the 'wedding gift'
given by the Murphys, in a marriage that saw Yonny Johnson's neck axed 
on the same location of the Toys 'R' Us.

Other significant peculiarities associated with Sunnyvale, Calif.
(Martin Murphy's Bayview Ranch, later known as the Murphy Estate) -

In a city (Sunnyvale) and county already haunted by Murphy's Law -
The City of the "Solar Serpent"

The city of Sunnyvale which has a 
WIERD and TRULY DARK city emblem of 
Blue and Black sun rays in the shape 
of a triangle (also the shape of KFJC's emblem), along
with a disk shaped sun -

There forms an exact line from the haunted Toys 'R' Us store,
through Sunnyvale's Equinox Pyramid Mounument, and right through
into the Judge's chambers at the Sunnyvale Court.

County Courthouse <---> Pyramid Equinox Monument <---> Toys 'R' Us

The picture (below) shows how it lines-up with the haunted Toys 'R' Us store

The opposite (below) right through those trees exactly - Judge's chambers

And there it is, right into the Courthouse and "Judge" Chambers

The location of liars, evil imposter "Judges" defending injustice.
Eager to charge people with crimes, contempt included, with the sole
purpose of having those false charges remain on a person's record.
Especially after they have been dropped, having been proved to have
been satanic inspired lies.  A purposeful twisting of language and
truth by insane court workers, into a wide system of evil insider lies
perpetuated in Murphy's Santa Clara County Law.

Murphy's Estate - Murphy's Law - Haunted Sunnyvale, California

Murphy's Law - Murphy's Courthouse - Sunnyvale, California

The plaque which reads:

  -------------"This bronze sculpture serves as a homage
 ------------------to both early and modern settlers of
--------------------------------- Northern California" 

 -----------------Murphy's Haunted Evil County 

Interesting that that alignment happens to coincide with the winter
solstice, the darkest day of the year, 22 December - which happens to
be a high holy celeberation date for satanists and pagans alike.
22, it always lines-up to 22

Also, in the imported Massachussetts house, Martin Murphy did and is
historically documented as having set aside a "Bishop" Room, where the
region's powerful Roman Catholic Archbishop did and would stay.
Coincidentally as you look at the map of today's Sunnyvale, you also 
will see a street named Bishop, which is very near the Toy's "R" Us 
store, and is named because of the Bishop and his connection with the
Bayview ranch and Martin Murphy.  Bishop street happens to exactly 
intersect a portion of South 'Murphy' street, 510 S. Murphy, where
SATANIC members of Foothill College's KFJC FM radio station live -

called "KFJC South" (picture above).  Also the strange coincidence that
one of the residents of "KFJC South" has a name of Dennis Bishop.
It will become clearer, but keep in mind that Dennis Bishop has been 
nicknamed the "Dragon", in his overt promotion of smoking to the 
youth of the area, through his radio programs on KFJC and KPFA FM.
--Dennis Edward Bishop, Jr. (Spliff Skankin')

   From the book "Pen Pictures from the "Garden of the World"":

   "The mantle of Martin Murphy, Sr., had descended on his oldest 
   son, and all the traits which characterized the founder of the 
   family seemed developed in a greater degree, if that were 
   possible, in the son."

Also eerily, eldest son James died in 1852 at age 2O at Bayview 
(Murphy's Ranch) on the same day Mary Murphy gave birth to his 
youngest brother, also named James.

Michael W. Murphy a present living descendant of Martin Murphy,
who resides in San Francisco, is an actor and private investigator.
Michael W. Murphy played a railway conductor in "Daddy's Gone a
Huntin'" -  and Ford Country Day School in Los Altos Hills (also
where Foothill College's KFJC is located) provided the setting for
a 'Silva-Thin' cigarette commercial in which Michael Murphy played 
the role of a 'chauffeur'.  In summary: The two - Bishop and 
Murphy dragons promoting their smoking/cancer at yet another 
"Ford's Theatre" at a Los Altos Hills school.

Like a 2O pack of 'Silva-Thin' cigarettes, let us note that Dennis 
Edward "Dragon" Bishop Jr.'s reward of 3O pieces of 'Silva', 
like a Judas would he receive, for the Bill Graham Presents (BGP)
associated promotional conspiracy that he is and was party to.
In other words :  Bishop Framing Me !

That being, Dennis Edward Bishop who claimed that I had phoned him
and left a phone message, then delivered through others at the
station, that being just one of many false accusations by
Dennis Edward Bishop.  The second false charge and frame-job at
another radio station KKUP FM, using the same exact tactic :

---------------------------F R A M E D

After all Dennis Edward Bishop is best friends with a satanist
named Jose Scott who was responsible for changing KFJC into the
"The Devil's Radio".

Unlike being 'Thin', as in Silva-Thin, the "Dragon" Bishop is 
terribly overweight and sadly, amusingly out of shape.  Like 
Michael Murphy and Dennis Edward Bishop, the promotion of addiction 
addiction smoking along with lung tumors for all of our youth and
society systematically promoted and haunted influence being ushered 
forth from the KFJC studios through its management and staff -  
along with the correlation of Satan (scripturally: who is the Dragon).

These illegal smoking promotions are all from the Foothill College 
State education school facilities - the utmost in ridiculous allowed 
circumstances of illegal drug promotions.  As we as a society wonder 
why the black community, etc. is so inundated with the scourge of drug 
addiction, we need not look any further for the reasons behind it. 
At KFJC FM, Dennis Edward "Dragon" Bishop Jr. has this interestingly 
teflon ability to allude disciplinary action, especially when
considering his consistant running down people with his motor vehicle
vehicle on the school campus next to the classrooms on walking paths,
walking paths, as he missiles to his radio program because he is more 
than often late.  Our illustrious "chauffeurs".  In the instances of
near accidents, as Bishop becomes a motor vehicle missile upon the 
Foothill Campus, there are the cases of documented violent altercations 
instigated by him while he is entering the studios. 
Michael W. Murphy happens to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild, 
similarily Dennis Edward "Dragon" Bishop Jr. also is an actor, 
for he is neither a Christian nor a Rastafarian, even to purposefully 
and in full knowledge, to slip in blasphemous material (i.e. Alpha Blondy)
that denegrates both faiths.  Bishop, while not being a Christian or 
Rasta, however has decided to portray himself as a religious person, 
through a hair (dreadlocks) costume and through talk that only is a 
reflection of the thespian deception he himself is a part of.  His phony 
public offered thespian faith can be publicly confirmed in an interview 
that was published in the: 
San Jose Mercury News 'Eye' - Jan. 7, 1994 
Speaking of our public figure Dennis Edward Bishop: 
    "He is neither a Jamaican nor Rastafarian" 
...also sadly amusing and totally hypocritical, that Bishop also
gave the newspaper a definition of 'Rasta Imposters': 

    "People who are intrigued with the Rastafarian
     lifestyle but don't believe in Jah, who are into  
     the look but not the Rastafarian way of life."  
Note, as the Holy scriptures state: 
            "Having a form of godliness, 
            but denying the power thereof"
                           - 2 Timothy 3:5

Bishop's "woman", his live-in lover, Ceila, is sternly 
anti-Christian, and who equates sodomy as perfectly normal,
"because dogs do it", as she stated this to me. - (The Beast).  
    "For many deceivers are entered into the world,
     who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.
     This is a deceiver and an antichrist"
                               - 2 John 7

I also know Dennis Bishop not to be a Christian either !

Bishop's employment connections touch upon both the Bill Graham Presents
Promotional vehicle (The promoters of the Grateful DEAD - the morbidity
drug culture into the equation of drugged-out brain-mush for our youth
a DEAD head) - for which Dennis Edward "Dragon" Bishop, is also 
a promoter of said DEAD music.  Bishop is a dope head !
His on-air name is:  Spliff Skankin'

Sadly a real 'Skank' !

Dennis Edward Bishop, a "Rastafarian" imposter, who also was employed
as a BARTENDER at the Reno Club in East Palo Alto.  
Serving-up FIRE water !
Serving-up drugs, promoting drugs, all the ill vices of mankind !
A real drug pusher !!!

Definately known to Dennis Edward "Dragon" Bishop and terribly
frightening to him, is the world reknown Jamaican reggae artist
named 'Mutabaruka' who sings about "the unfortunate fact that
drugs are being promoted to our youth through the urging of them
to build spliffs (joints) and by urging them to just get high,
and that Mutabaruka doesn't see God in a cloud of smoke"
in his song: "Dispel the Lie".
Request the song, that he play it on the air, and he might actually
self-destruct, with the lyrics that stomp out the fat spliff that he is !

Bishop presently is also an employee at 
'Rasputin' Records in Berkeley, Calif.  Rasputin if you will remember,
was the mysterious mad psychic that led the Czar's into that same psychic
demonic madness.  Bishop is also a radio disc jockey at KPFA 94.1 FM in 
Berkeley, California.  Activities as a Bill Graham Presents employee 
(Dennis and Doug Wendt at KPFA) include conspiring with other station
memebers who also are B.G.P. employees, against others in the radio scene.
That would be me, the victim !

This in an environment where the Promotions Department (KFJC) in 
reality runs the station by these same outside business enterprise 
controlling forces - where station integrity is hardly if ever discussed,
if at all.  Bill Graham Presents employees, conspiring, couping and 
eliminating station members (me) through false accusations and through 
created incidents.


The most ironic aspect is: Why would KPFA FM, the defender of minority
promoters, the radio station in Berkeley allow such B.G.P. moles to be
allowed to manipulate and operate there ?   The late Bill Graham and 
his Presents organization which lives on, is the legendary oppressor 
promoter who not only used the actual "Hell's Angels" as bodyguards,
who have been accused by the F.B.I. for systematic drug running and 
(murder <outside and at shows>), but also that B.G.P. is guilty of 
behind the scenes back-stabbing, strong-arm tactics and eradication 
of local small time striving minority promoters, etc., etc.  Why would 
KPFA FM allow such characters to come upon their radio environment ? 
- especially as other striving DJ's are more suited to KPFA's on-air 
social commentary needs, along with the musical offerings.

I was of course marked for elimination, in that I sternly opposed the
evil behind the scenes activities (strong-arm tactics) that were used
against me, and the striving minority promotions scene.
KFJC has a series of corrupt individuals who totally manipulate the
Promotions Department there.  I even tried to help Joel, who owns
the night-club "Alberto's" in Mountain View, California.  However
Dennis E. Bishop stopped me from not only joining the Promotions Dept.,
but also put a complete stop to any form of ticket promotions for the club.
You must understand at what lengths Bill Graham Presents employees will
go to, to trip, and make stumble, striving smaller night-clubs in the 
Bay Area.
KFJC's Promotions Department is entirely evil, with the same individuals
controlling and keeping out people like me, who wished to help small clubs.
Of course, Joel at "Alberto's" knows of exactly what went down, in 
relation to Dennis Bishop (Spliff Skankin') at KFJC, and finally,
in disgust, gave up on promoting reggae.
The owners of the Ajax Club, and Agenda Club in San Jose, also have
interesting, non-complimentary opinions on the manipulative,
Dennis E. Bishop.
  Dennis Edward Bishop, Jr. (Spliff Skankin')


From the book "Catch a Fire", by Timothy White:
   "Ronald Wilson Reagan retired to his Bel Aire villa on 666 St. Cloud
   Street, Rastafarians pointed once more to Revelation 8:6-9."

Also, a famous reggae song by Michael Rose "Bull in the Pen", which
states that

    "the mark of the Beast is on the President"

...(referring to President Ronald Wilson Reagan).

Ronald 6 
Wilson 6 
Reagan 6 

Ronald Wilson Reagan and his
wife were and are HEAVILY into the occult.

So who is this reggae disc-jockey who has the mark also, who also 
is corrupt in his dealings / money / promotions ?

Dennis 6
Edward 6 
Bishop 6 

And who else fits this description ?

Foothill's KFJC FM Faculty Advisor: Robert 
where allegations against him in regards to mail fraud at KFJC 
are documented, through the accusations by ex-station member Anthony 
Ladd, myself and others.  Robert Edward Pelzel sees nothing wrong with
the pronounced satanism at KFJC (where he also helps at KALX FM in
Berkeley) and also provides alcohol to minors at the Boardwalk Bar
in Los Altos.  The Boardwalk is the location of the weekly Wed. after
station meeting.  Robert Edward Pelzel is an alcoholic (is seen
outdrinking anyone there), and thus provides pitchers of beer to
those who come down.  There is no supervision amongst his purchases
- while acting as a Foothill College Faculty Advisor.  KFJC is a
drug promoting culture and Robert Edward Pelzel sees nothing wrong
with what is going down there.  Jose' Scott even admitted publicly
that he took L.S.D. at least twice on the airwaves at KFJC 89.7 FM.
Jose' called himself:  Uncle Sydney.  Only he knows why.

Now with all the information concerning Foothill College as a 
wedding gift to the couple, that in turn saw the death of Yonny
Johnson on the present site of the Toys 'R' Us, let us now 
consider more of the KFJC FM Satanic connection.

Since KFJC's "Hawkeye Joe" who' real name is Jose' Scott
has decided to become a public figure spectacle before the whole Bay
Area, in his on-air ridicule against certain on air personalities - 
including some personal friends of mine (Alex Bennett of Live 105),
and since he is a public on-air figure with peculiar circumstances,
I think it is time to present these observations...and since the radio
medium is so effective in reaching the impressionable youth in our
community, it only confirms the need to present these observations to
all.  Especially as Jose' has changed the station to The Devil's Radio.
       Jose Scott (Admitted Satanist, Admitted Communist)

First of all, let us not necessarily condemn KFJC FM in Los Altos
Hills, California, for actions perpetrated by individuals who have
entered KFJC under the guise of honesty and righteousness.  However,
the majority of the membership presently is a cast of satanic
approving, allowing, believing and practicing members of that
depraved lifestyle.  As far as membership is concerned, when referring
to KFJC, any member of the public can become a member of the station.
And in the magnetic attraction of satanism, satanists at the station
have in turn attracted a whole satanic community to enter the
station, and to change it to their ends, including management.
In this also is the distress felt by the truly righteous "old-timers"
who have been at the station for some time, before 'they' came.

KFJC has no doubt the largest collection of satanically inspired 
recorded material in the entire nation, if not the world.  A 
previous Music Director happened to take the name 'Lucifer Sam'.  
This individual recently stated, in regards to this present Murphy 
Ghost investigation: "Why sue - it's all true".

KFJC management had a special relationship with Anton LaVey, the
leader of the Church of Satan (San Francisco).  KFJC FM played, has
Anton's Satanic music there. 

Jose Scott "Hawkeye Joe" happens to adorn his body with tattoos of 
skulls and other demonic inspired symbols.  During Hawkeye's
administration as General Manager, satanism flourished to its apex at
KFJC.  Hawkeye Joe is quite anti-Christian also.  The radio station
through Hawkeye's direction tossed it's previous titles (Wave of the
West, The Fine 89) and took on a new name, to: the "Devil's Radio", and
instituted the creation of logos, bumper sticker, and a multitude of
assorted associated devil images.  The peak of satanic images and
influence was magnified under Hawkeye's administration.  At a time,
in the station's office, there was seen a Ouija board box attached to
the wall, and as a further indication of the growing membership of
devout satanists and occult dabblers who have joined the KFJC station
fold.  During the Hawkeye Joe administration, he sealed off all
management meetings to the public, and in direct conflict with the
stations own by-laws.  Public access to the meetings was urged by
concerned citizens and station members, but nothing was ever done,
until he was ousted as General Manager.  Also during this time as
General Manager, Hawkeye Joe was responsible for the station's
financial accounting - where he allowed thousands of un-accounted
for dollars to leave the station's bank accounts, and through a
corrupt incoming Accounts Receivable set up, that he set up.

...and, in the knowledge that Hawkeye Joe's administration was
responsible for the utmost zenith of KFJC's satanic take-over and
influence on the community and most notably the impressionable youth -
let us now look again to the corner of Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road in
Sunnyvale, California again.  The exact address is 13O Sunnyvale-
Saratoga Road @ El Camino Real - The Toys 'R' Us store.  
This location is a stone's throw away from the "KFJC South" House.
"KFJC South" is located 510 S. Murphy in Sunnyvale. Hawkeye Joe is
also a resident at "KFJC South", along with others from the station
(named "KFJC South" because members of the station live there,
included in this is Jose "Hawkeye Joe" Scott, and Dennis E. Bishop,

Bishop usually has Jose Scott fill-in for him, on his radio program !
Dennis Edward Bishop's closest friend is a depraved, proud satanist !
The publicly thespian act, the false "rastafarian", dealing directly
with the satanic elements at KFJC FM !!!

I would NEVER !!!
Especially as I was the one being back-stabbed, over and over.
Assaulting me, pushing me to a reaction.

...and in the fact that during Hawkeye's administration satanism
flourished to the utmost of power at KFJC - does it not make for
peculiar circumstances and confirming coincidence ?
Toys "R" Us and the youth, Martin Murphy and the youth, KFJC and
the promotion of satanism and drugs to the youth.  ...and to top it
this, he can never hold onto a job, even with Affirmative Action.
In the satanic religion, the owl is a central character and image
presented in the services conducted.  Foothill College in Los
Altos Hills, where also the radio station is located, has a mascot,
and that is the owl.  Now along with the owl image, members of the
radio station have now officially and entirely embraced the image
of the goat (another central satanic animal character reference
which represents the devil) while members of the station hierarchy
form ritualistic hand motions that imitates horns and a goat-ee.
These activities were and are performed most enthusiastically and
cliquishly by even the recent General Manager Steve Taiclet, who
also is reported to sell drugs to fellow students through his home.
He even offered drugs to men !
                     Eric Weaver (Admitted Satanist)

Also another fact, is that Hawkeye Joe's father is apparently still
roaming around Foothill College, allegedly to kill his son (and for
unknown reasons).  This warning and fact was revealed by Hawkeye Joe
in a regular station meeting. Quite bizarre !!!
Also in a recent station fund raising effort, Hawkeye Joe recorded 
pledge spots that urged the public to "feed the goat" - A definite 
reference to the station that is now embodied as the devil.  
Eric Weaver the station's Engineer is also involved in Satanic 
promotion, included in this is his recorded spots that present the 
station as a Satanic vehicle for the community, and while trying to
portray this activity as a positive one.  Both individuals were 
responsible for stealing my original 1979 FCC license from the station, 
who claim that they have it now and refuse to return it.
                     Eric Weaver (Admitted Satanist)
             ERIC CONSPIRACY
Jose Scott (Summer 2000), has made an attempt to attack me while
I was riding public transit, and continually (from KFJC FM days) he 
threatens me.  I personally think that he is demonically possessed/insane,
as he recently stated his pride in the satanic T-Shirt that he was wearing
- this while he was trying to attack me on public transit.

(*UPDATE*) Jose Scott (Hawkeye Joe) has also admitted to stealing my 1979
FCC Radio License, which was finally returned to me after Officer Cross of 
Foothill College Police forced J. Scott to return the stolen item, of which
he had possession.  Jose Scott is a satanic thief.

And now, let us look at certain KFJC Programming Directors.  There has
in fact been certain conspiracies/coups affecting certain DJ's which
have been committed by these same devout satanists.  Satanic witches
who are more than proud to display their circled pentagram emblems,
are those also who have held the Programming Director position.
These same individuals, especially Amacker Bullwinkle, who also is
known as "Rocket J. Squirrel" who happens to inhabit a 'Good Friday'
on-air position also features a program called "Hades Ham Journal"
(just another aspect of the sphere of darkness / satanism influence),
and also proudly features songs that chant against Jesus through direct
and overt Satanic chants and musical invocations.  This is the musical 
faire - 'Good Friday'.  And in their devious plans to conspire against 
the just and righteous part of the KFJC flock - so also is the atmosphere
of darkness, false accusations, lies, unethical, non-moral behavior. 
For even on Halloween 1994, the date of utmost satanic power, the start
of a coup did ensue at KFJC, and was the precursor and start of the
behind the scenes games and completely false accusations that were to
play out months later, for a particular couped individual (me) -
My idea of doing a 'Halloween Special' wasn't okay by her/them.
As she was the Programming Director at the time, they asked me if I
wouldn't mind allowing them to take over my show during that night.
I told them that I wanted to do my own Special (without eluding to
them that I wanted to do a musical exorcism on Halloween Night).
All I told them is that I wanted to do my own program, and that if
the Programming Department decided otherwise, then I would let them
do as they would like.  However, later, I was to find out that my
reaction to their question was totally bent out of shape, making me
out to be hostile and confrontational, un-cooperative.
The witch (Amacker Bullwinkle) would twist my opinion on the matter
as I soon found out......that was October 31, 1994.

Then she, Amacker, was to follow me with additional false accusations
at another radio station I worked for, a station of similar wicca coven
typed New Age conspiracy plotting/false accusing minds (KKUP FM).  This
particular 'circled pentagram' 'Hades witch': Amacker Bullwinkle,
happens to have a vehicle with a license plate: "Broom 3", and who also
is heavily into the Grateful DEAD.  You know the Grateful DEAD, the same
band who has a song entitled: "Friend of the Devil".  Along with a real
sick morbid obsession with skeletons and skulls !  The DEAD !

It was this witch, Amacker Bullwinkle who 
conspired with the satanic tarot card reader at KKUP FM, to frame me.
Amacker Bullwinkle was present at the kangaroo court that ousted me 
from KKUP FM.  A complete satanic conspiracy !

   FRAMED  <------ at KKUP FM
A webpage that also speaks of the unjust judicial system in Santa Clara
County, where the "Judge" and District Attorney sided against me
personally, and upheld the lies of a professional liar/con-artists,
being a professional tarot card reader.  The whole legal system in Santa
Clara is geared towards defending, helping the demonic, while crucifying
the elect.

The above individuals (KFJC) are more than excited at the thought of
enlisting enthusiasm concerning KFJC's ritualistic "Month of Mayhem"

Mayhem / New Age / Sunnyvale / etc :

The satanist Aleister Crowley who happened to be a 33 degree Mason 
and Grand Master of the satanic O.T.O., taught that the 'Great Work',
the "transformation of humanity," will be accomplished in the last
decade of the 2Oth Century.  In de Rola's 'Alchemy: The Secret
Art' we find an Illuminist-coded message of what will be the fate
of Christians and other rebels during the latter stages of the
Great Work.  First, we are told that the Great Work "may only
begin in the spring, under the signs of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini."
This is the reason, of course why the Branch Dividians were assaulted
and burned with fire on April 19, 1993 and why the Federal Building
in Oklahoma City was firebombed on April 19, 1995.

What's more,
exactly 5O years prior to the Waco holocaust (the word holocaust
means a "burned sacrifice"), on April 19, 1943, Hitler's storm 
troopers used flame throwers to incinerate the brave Jewish resisters
fighting from the sewers in the Warsaw, Poland ghetto.  According
to the Satanic Calender of High Holy Days, April 19 inaugurates a
period of blood sacrifice to the Beast, culminating in the Grand
Climax on May 1st each year. (KFJC's Month of Mayhem)

On May 1st, 1776 in Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt founded the Order of the
Illuminati, and it was May 1st when the ancient Druids honored their
great Sun God and Goddess with an uninhibited festival complete with
initiations, sex orgies, drunken revelry, and human sacrifice.
Sunnyvale - The City of the "Solar Serpent" Sun:

The city of Sunnyvale which has a
WIERD and TRULY DARK city emblem of
Blue and Black sun rays in the shape
of a triangle (also the shape of KFJC's emblem), along
with a disk shaped sun -

also has instituted relatively recently the first in a series of
"New Age Occultisms" and necromancy laced "Guided Imagery" invocations
in their public schools.  This entails where public school students
are required to lay down upon the floor, and ask for spirit guides to
come into their bodies.


With the now public knowledge of Bill and
Hillary Clinton and the Reagans, who are heavily involved in the 
occult, enough to have mediums and psychics work in and out of the
White House - there is the Federally sponsored "Goals 2OOO" education
program to consider.  Along with the financial grants that are awarded
to cities across the nation, comes certain requirements and directives.
One of these directives is to institute the New Age Guided Imagery
programs within the school curriculums.  Sunnyvale has been more than
willing to institute these throughout the city's school classrooms.
Then again considering Sunnyvale and the Toy's "R" Us connection,
along with the KFJC connection, it gets even more interesting.

The Sun Aspect:

"In the mythology of the primitive world," noted historian Alexander
Hislop states that "the serpent is universally the symbol of the sun.
The serpent, then, was universally represented by the sun symbol,
the circle or disk."  Moreover, the serpent was said to be "the 
great enlightener of the physical world...and to have been the great
enlightener by giving mankind the knowledge of good and evil."
Only the serpent, the devil, could be so audacious and grotesque
in lack of character that he could falsely claim that title and 
trait representative of God alone - the Light of the World, the
Holy Fire.  In the pagan religions, "Along with the sun, as the
great fire-god and...identified with him was a serpent worshipped."

"The disk, and particularily the circle, were the well-known symbols
of the Sun-divinity, and figured largely in the symbolism of the
East.  With the circle or the disk the head of the Sun-divinity
was encompassed.  The same was the case of Pagan Rome.  Apollo,
as the child of the Sun, was often thus represented.  The goddess
that claimed kindred with the Sun were equally entitled to be
adorned with the nimbus or luminary circle."

"In the great temple of Babylon, the golden image of the Sun was
exhibited for the worship of the Babylonians.  In the temple of
Cuzco, in Peru, the disk of the sun was fixed up in flaming gold
upon the wall, that all who entered might bow down before it.
The phoenicians of Thrace were sun-worshippers; and in their worship
they adorned an image of the sun in the form of a disk at the top
of a long pole.  In the worship of Baal, as practised by the
idolatrous Israelites in the days of the apostacy, the worship of
the sun's image was equally observed; and it is striking to find
that the image of the sun, which apostate Israel worshipped, was
erected above the altar."

The irrefutable fact that it is the devil who is symbolized by the
circle is reinforced by countless other teachings of occultists and
secret society hierophants over the years.

Pagan and primitive peoples worshipped the sun as god.  But that 
was millenia ago, right?  Surely, 2Oth Century, educated man could
never be fooled into reveling a huge, burning, molten rock in the
sky as divine, could he?  The answer is yes, he could, if he is
a New Ager.  As proposterous as it may seem, the New Age has
revived the ages-old belief in the Sun God - and millions are
falling for this lie.  Adolf Hitler once said: "if you're going
to tell a lie, make it a big one and people will swallow it.  A 
little lie they won't buy!"  The sun symbol is greatly respected
and commonly displayed by New Agers.  "The sun is a great magnet,"
so said 'The Secret Doctrine' of Theosophy's Helena Blavatsky. 
Adolf Hitler kept that book by his bed side and read it no less
than four times.  'The Beacon', a magazine published by today's 
Theosophical Society, recently editorialized that once a person 
becomes "born again" into the New Age and becomes an aspirant for
higher initiation, the sun takes on a new spiritual meaning.
Again and again we find New Age teachers and leaders espousing the
divine sun doctrine.  "God lives in the middle of the Sun," says
popular New Age lecturer Ken Carey.  Can this be some kind of
New Age joke ?  No, Carey is sternly serious.  Barry McWaters 
professes a belief that both the earth which he calls GAIA the
Earth Goddess, and the sun are living, divine beings.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet likewise is a sun-worshipper.  Her demon
spirit guide, Kuthumi, has told the members of Prophet's Church
Universal and Triumphant to "meditate on the Great Sun Disc."
Prophet teaches that the sun is the "sacred fire of God" and that
man must be "always obedient to the cosmic intelligence of Mighty
I AM Presence in the Great Central Sun."  In Babylon's astrology,
the Sun God was the ruler and chief God of the Zodiac - Horrorscopes.
Baal worship, infamously portrayed throughout the Old Testament,
was also the worship of the sun god.

"Helios," a demon who in the New Age 'The Quartus Report'
blasphemously claimed to be the "Solar Logos"

So which city (Sunnyvale) would therefore be the ideal location for
the seat of satan the Solar Serpent ?
...and why has Dennis Edward "Dragon" Bishop now moved to "Sol-ano"
Avenue in Albany?  The answer is obvious.

The triangle (the shape of KFJC's logo & Sunnyvale's City Emblem) is
the supreme symbol of New Age satanism.  Its use among New Age cults,
churches, organizations and businesses and corporations owned or led
by New Agers is widespread.  We cannot truly understand New Age
symbolism unless we comprehend the sinister, hidden meaning of the
triangle.  The late Albert Churchward, a British researcher whose
book, 'The Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man' (1913) is today a
classic, and devotes considerable attention to the origins and 
significance of the triangle.  He wrote that, to the ancients:
"In the Egyptian stellar mythology, (the god) Shu...first lifted up
heaven from the earth in the form of a triangle, and at each point
was situated one of the gods, Sut, Shu, and Horus...They are the
trinity..."  In other words, to the Goddess religion worshipers of
Egypt the triangle represented the holy trinity of their three chief
deities.  According to Walker, the triangle is the universal sign or
symbol of the Mother Goddess.  This was and is satan's mockery of
the Holy Trinity of God.

Churchward's research also showed that the triangle with its apex,
or point, facing downward (KFJC & Sunnyvale's City Emblem) 
represented Horus, the Sun God, while the triangle pointing upward
characterised Sut, or Set, the Destroyer God.  This is noteworthy
today because in San Francisco, California we find the Temple of Set,
led by Michael Aquino, the self-styled "High Priest of Satan."
Leading members of the military such as Michael Aquino, are devout
and leading satanists.  Anton LaVey, WHO HAS A FOND RELATIONSHIP
WITH KFJC FM - including donating his recorded material to the
station, and as the leader of 'The Church of Satan', also was a S.F.
police photographer.  He was the author of the "Satanic Bible", 
the direct opposite in teachings to the Judeo-Christian Holy 
Scriptures.  The S.F. Police Department, utilized his "knowledge"
and advice, well after he was officially seperted from the S.F.
Police Department.  In his sinister volume -  "The Book of the Law",
first published in 1904, Britain's most wicked occultist Aleister
Crowley testified that a demon spirit identified as "Horus" gave him 
this prediction: "The Great Work of the Illuminati - the transformation -
of mankind on planet Earth - will be substantially completed in the 
decade of the 1990's.  Aleister Crowley also relished calling himself 
"The Beast 666."  Apparently, Crowley's spirit guide, Horus, thrives on
chaos.  Indeed all demonic powers are enchanted with chaos, for it is
through chaos that Satan's objectives are met.  Crowley who was a 33
degree Master Illuminati Mason, a member of an organization who's motto
is "Ordo Ab Chao", interpreted as "Order Out of Chaos".

The Lucis Trust (formerely Lucifer Publishing / 1924) has as
its logo the triangle.  Theosophist and Freemasonry advocate
Alice Bailey, the driving force behind the Lucis Trust, in 1938
organized an international network of Triangle groups, which has
thousands of participating units around the world.  For example
one of the members of Lucis Trust is Robert McNamara, former
U.S. Secretary of Defense and former President of the World Bank.
Alice Bailey told her followers that the Triangle groups must
accept the grave responsibility for ushering in the New Age.
This same God of Destruction is worshiped by the leaders of
of the same New York, and prominent New Age occult group, the
Lucis Trust.  To the leaders of the Lucis Trust, he comes under
the code name Sanat Kumara (Sanat-Satan).  Dwjwhal Khul, the 
Tibetan Master and spirit guide who has dictated so many books
to the Lucis Trust's Alice Bailey, says that he is a servant of
Sanat.  Understandably, then, Khul is scornful of Christianity
and Jesus Christ.  His Plan is for a new type of "Christ", the
coming World Teacher, who will organize the New Age World Religion
based not on God but on human spirit. 

There is also the interesting fact that there are dual triangles on
the Earth's globe that are at opposite sides of each other (The
Bermuda Triangle and Dragon's Triangle) which also are linked closely
to very deep PITS (Trenches) in the ocean floors.  Guam with the
deepest trench and its associated US Defense Establishment, and
Puerto Rico, US.  Both of which, especially Puerto Rico recently,
has had more than numerous reports of UFO's entering and emerging
from the ocean in those regions.  Included in this is the mysterious
vampire animals that are reportedly ravaging through Puerto Rico.
For centuries, natives believed that undersea monsters dwelt in
the regions known as the Dragon's Triangle (south of Japan).  What
else could account for the utter disappearance of entire fishing
boats and their crews?; along with massive numbers of large ghost
ships with thousands of missing crew, and in such astonishing numbers?
There are many more reports, versus from the well known Bermuda 
Triangle, though not reported in US media, for it is quite obvious
that the news agencies along with Satan has deceived the whole world -
concerning the missing planes, military aircraft, large vessels,
small vessels, submarines - and to such an extent that the Japanese
Government has designated it a "Danger Zone", and has warned people
to stay out.  

In relation to the the embrace and revelry by the New Age community
and fellow 'Psychic Friends Network', over the accepted dark powers
that are reportedly emanating from the Bermuda Triangle; Julie Brown
of MTV (Music Television) fame who possesses the identical brainless
idiocy enlightenment of Dionne Warwick and Vicki Lawrence, was brought
to the Bermuda Triangle along with a Miami radio psychic who has
presented a very recent television infomercial.  In the commercial,
both Julie Brown and a definitely insane looking psychic (who has a
gigantic white wig that looks more like a brillo pad than anything
resembling human hair) along with others were guided into the region
on a private boat.  In the now evident folly of Julie Brown's public 
deceptions that are put before the public by her fellow business scam 
"psychic friends", they have told Julie in a televised psychic reading
that she would be cast as an actress in an upcoming movie.  Only the 
ignorant and gullible would be fooled by this 'so called' psychic
reading of Julie's upcoming future.  In actuality, the movie:
"Fist of the Northstar", is an associated New Age Psychic "Fiends"
Community production.  It appears from all indications that 'out of
work' Video Jockeys of MTV, or those of flailing entertainment careers
would participate with such con artists, and 'now' knowingly and 
willfully erase their names from the Lamb's Book of Life over their
acts that entail cavorting with mediums and associated witches.  The
biblical scriptures are very plain concerning the warnings against such
activity, by silly "Eve-ish" women like Julie Brown and Dionne Warwick.
Being eternally damned is their fate, that they have already chosen.

   "In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong 
    sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even 
    leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the 
    dragon that is in the sea."               - Isaiah 27:1

   "There go the ships: there is the leviathan"
                                       - Psalm 1O4:26

   "How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, son of the 
    morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which
    didst weaken the nations!  For thou hast said in thine
    heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne
    above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount
    of the congregation, IN THE SIDES OF THE NORTH:  I will
    ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like
    the most High.  Yet thou shalt be brought down to Hell,
    TO THE SIDES OF THE PIT."     - Isaiah 14:12-15

Sunnyvale also happens to be the center of Military and Government
interaction, with its associated Defense Establishment Businesses
- Moffett Field, and the related NAVAL Military Industrial Complex.

At Yale University/College in New Haven Connecticut, there are
numerous Foreign Secret Societies with their prospective tombs/crypts:
Skull & Bones, Death & Torture, Spade & Grave, Book & Snake, Wolf's
Head, Scroll & Key, etc., etc.  322 happens to be the code/charter
number for the Skull and Bones Order located in New Haven, CT,
which has initiates such as:  George Herbert Walker Bush, William F.
Buckley, vast members of the C.I.A, Defense Establishment, and leaders
of major financial institutions, etc. climbing in their own Foreign 
Germanic Secret Society's sarcophaguses (flesh eating coffins) naked 
and physically dying to this world, and being reborn in the prospective
Orders.  322 is the actual tomb-room within the crypt of Skull and
Bones.  George Herbert Walker Bush also coincidentally was shot down
in the Dragon's Triangle near Chi Chi Jima, and was found close to
dead there, later to be the Vice President then President of the
United States and also the leader of the C.I.A. for years. He was 
involved in the JFK assassination as a C.I.A. case officer stationed 
out of Dallas, Texas.
Human vessels?

Some more interesting "Catch 22" correlations:

322  - Hawkeye Joe proudly displayed a family picture of a member
       of his family (mother or sister?) with a motorcycle
       (he also is a motorcyclist) with a 322 emblazoned on it,
       in the KFJC studios.  Again the interesting coincidence that
       322 happens to be the charter number of the Skull & Bones Order.

22   - The "new" General Manager at KKUP FM in Santa Clara,
       happens to be a Professional Tarot Card Reader, which 
       utilizes a 22 card deck to fool, trick, lie and deceive
       people - a confidence woman.  A Psychic Network type
       Telephone scam LIE !  This along with the now ex-KKUP
       (ousted) General Manager Eric Meece, who is also into 
       the 'New Age Movement' entirely, to a point of organizing 
       their own large and local 'New Age' faires that have nothing
       to do with the station.  While in complete contradiction to
       the radio station's own by-laws and how it relates to the 
       station's tax-free status, they have embarked on an illegal
       series of overt on-air promotions of their own non-KKUP private
       business ventures.  These two, along with a host of allowing
       Board Members of similar corrupt minds have taken the station
       into a new and frightening direction of unjust conspiracies
       through false accusations and of at least 2 coups by their
       hands.  A literal house cleaning before the station was moved
       from Cupertino to its now Santa Clara location.  Interestingly
       KKUP's Board Meetings have been moved to 2nd and Reed Streets
       in San Jose, a defunct shell of an ex-Christian (how fitting)
       Church building, now a "New Age" organization, with all of
       the decorative interior accesories that make the New Age
       claim entirely apt.
More on 322:


Remember ?
Singer Dionne Warwick and her involvement with the Psychic Friends
Telephone Network: 

    " Do you know the way to San Jose' ? "

Speaking of San Jose', the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) did decide to
name their new indoor Football league team, first intended for San Jose,
then moving to San Francisco, a football team named the: "Demons" !
Yes, San Jose and Santa Clara County is demonic. 
Do you know the way to Jose' Scott's Soul ?  His Soul Is Damned
Eternally !
And Spliff is his best friend !

And in closing....

In a recent issue of 'Magical Blend', a slick and popular New Age
magazine financed by the Silva Mind Control System organization
("Silva" - Haven't we heard that term before?), Dr. Christopher Hyatt
addressed what many New Agers call "the Christian Fundamentalist
Problem."  Labelling fundamentalists as "The Shadow emerging in

         "lest Satan should take advantage of us;
          for we are not ignorant of his devices"
                         - II Corinthians 2:11