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322---------Code number for the FOREIGN Charter German Secret
--------------Death Order: -Skull and Bones, in New Haven, Connecticut, US
--------------Initiates of the Order, at the Tomb, do climb naked into the
--------------sarcophagus (flesh eating stone coffin) in Room 322.
--------------They physically DIE to this world and are re-born into :

----------------------The Order of Skull and Bones

--------------A German Charter Death Order (Russell Foundation - 1832).
--------------Completely un-Scriptural / Mystery Babylon Death Initiations.
--------------Demonic Vessels, who just so happen, as an evil cabal plot,
--------------try to control this world.

--------------A Crypt/Tomb that reportedly contains human bones,
--------------Adolf Hitler's silverware, even Geronimo's stolen bones.
--------------German Death Order script, slogans and images on the walls

----------------------------------Drawing (below) from the
-----------------------------'File and Claw' break-in of 1877 

-------------------------------------South Half of Tomb
------------------------Note:- Room 322, center room, front door at lower left.

----------------More Pictures:
----------------New Haven Crypt/Tomb

3/22/92----Death Initiate President George Bush, with ALLEGIANCES
----------------to a FOREIGN German Secret Order: -Skull and Bones
----------------Bush meets with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in
----------------Washington D.C. on this date (picture below)

---------------------------------------U.S. Army's recent adoption
---------------------------------------of the German Helmet design

-----------" Verry
---------Innnteresting "

3/22/92-----ON THE SAME DATE - William Jefferson Clinton,
-----------------Fellow New Haven, Connecticut, [Yale] Secret Society
-----------------Initiate, who is in New Haven, Connecticut, at a march
-----------------along with Jesse Jackson

-----------------Hillary Rodham Clinton, the President's wife
-----------------yet another New Haven spook, first met Bill at Yale

3/22/89----- Republican Vice-President (2001), Dick Cheney,
-----------------New Haven Secret Society (Skull and Bones /
-----------------Book and Snake) Initiate, and who as President
-----------------George Bush's Secretary of Defense, is officially
---------------- sworn in on that date

3/22/89-----House Republicans elect Newt Gingrich of Georgia,
-----------------as house Whip. -Yet another New Haven, Connecticut
-----------------Secret Society Death Initiate.
-----------------Wrote footnotes in book:  "Third Wave", the same book
-----------------that advocates the Orwellian "Big Brother" futuristic
-----------------enslavement of mankind

2/22/01-----President George W. Bush's first 'Official' Press Conference.
----------------Son, Father, Grandfather (Prescott Bush), all New Haven
----------------Secret Society Skull & Bones Death Initiates

5/22/02-----George W. Bush arrives in Germany for a 22 appointment,
----------------on the same day that Chandra Levy's dead body is found in
----------------Washington D.C.

3/21/84-----Fellow New Haven, Skull and Bones initiate,
----------------Gary Hart, one-time Presidential Candidate--
(NY Times 3/22)

322------------Another Skull and Bones Death Order Initiate !
.---------------- Present Massachusetts U.S. Senator, John Kerry -

-----------------Democratic Party spokesman Tim Russert of NBC TV's
-----------------"Meet The Press" always offers the microphone and time
-----------------to Russell Foundation's Skull and Bones Death Initiate
-----------------Senator John Kerry

----22----------The Skull and Bones Tomb, New Haven, features a
-----------------22 window design - see web page/pictures :

----------------- -------------------------------Secret Societies

11/22/37------First Year Anniversary of Life Magazine,
----------------- Evil liar and Skull and Bonesman Henry Luce,
----------------- owner of the magazine.
----------------- Featured article is on Edward Kennedy Sr.



------------------Bonesman Henry Luce (below) and John F. Kennedy


------------------Actor Orson Welles would go on to produce the movie Citizen Kane,
------------------which takes up the cause of Henry Luce (Time / Time Marches On),
------------------never mentioning the crimes of Bonesman Communist Henry Luce, 
------------------rather he would try his best to smear Anti-Communist William 
------------------Randolph Hearst (Citizen Kane).  I don't like that movie anymore !

11/22/63------J.F.K. Assassination
------------------Bonesman Henry Luce owner of Time-Life-Fortune magazines,
------------------who bought and held onto the Zapruder film, denying it to
------------------the public, public investigation - after being doctored, they
------------------couldn't cut out the other camera person, Beverly Oliver,
------------------across the street from Zapruder - A Regis Kennedy, an FBI
------------------agent, grabbed Beverly's movie camera,
------------------it was never seen again

------------------......amongst other Skull and Bones related antics in Dallas,
------------------with George Bush (Chief C.I.A. spook in Dallas 11/22/63)
------------------along with Nixon and Ford, during the assassination.
------------------J.Edgar Hoover (F.B.I.) Identified George Bush Sr. As 
------------------A Member Of The C.I.A. (Operation 40), The Anti-Castro
------------------Rogue Conspiracy, And Directly Involved In The J.F.K. Assassination

---22 --------Twilight Zone TV Episode:
-----------------"Twenty Two" --

----------- ------Airdate: 2/10/61 - (First Month of Kennedy Administration)
---------- -------A Marilyn Monroe dancer stripper type actress is shown
---------- -------having a physical and mental break-down in a hospital with
------------ -----re-occuring nightmares, her late night walks from Room 305,
------------ -----on the 3rd Floor, down to Room 22 in the basement, the Morgue
------------ -----later involving a doomed airplane - Area C - flight 22


10/22/51---    Time Magazine --

--------------  ---Senator Joseph Mc Carthy on the cover, lies against him within,
--------------  ---Bonesman Henry Luce (Owner of Time Magazine) was of course
-- -------------  -responsible for spreading outright lies about Senator Joseph
-- ----------  ----McCarthy, who refused to meet with the Senator to discuss the
-- -----------  ---continual lies and istortions in his magazines. -The KGB files which
-- ------------  --were released recently, totally confirmed what Senator Joseph
-- ------------  --McCarthy stated concerning the named individuals and known
-- -----------  -- network of Soviet Communist agents, spies, operatives,
-- -----------  ---deep within the U.S. Army / Government.


------------  -----When you realize that Bobby Kennedy and John F. Kennedy were in
------------  -----full support and involved in the investigations with Senator Joseph
-------------  ----McCarthy, then you will know why Skull and Bonesman Henry Luce
-------------  ----eliminated all 3 through a network of lies and actions, which is, the
-------------  ----conspiracy of -
----------------------------------------SKULL AND BONES !
-------------  ----I've read Senator McCarthy's book:
--------------- -- "America's Retreat From Victory"
--------------- -- a 50,000 word transcript of his speech which indites
------------------General George Catlett Marshall, and how we betrayed
------------------the Chinese Nationalists, while aiding the Red Army.

4/22/54-------U.S. Army Versus Senator Joseph Mc Carthy Hearings.
-------------------The Communist Conspiracy In The U.S. Army Intended
-------------------To Smear And Stop Joseph Mc Carthy's Investigations

4/22/04-------U.S. Army Murdered Pat Tillman (Army Ranger)
-------------------Shot In The Head, Up-Close, Pat Didn't Want To
-------------------Be Involved In The Military Drug Mafias In Afghanistan


11/22/63------"Jack" Kennedy - Military Coup / Assassination

---22------------With 22, you lose in the card game Black 'Jack'

---22------------The Satanist General Manager at KKUP FM in Santa Clara, Calif.,
--------------------so-called ex-member of the U.S. Army, who also is a professional
--------------------tarot card reader, who utilizes a 22 card deck (Arcana) to lie,
--------------------deceive, spirtually seduce people -
--------------------also framed Mikael Enoch, that being me

10/22/62-------Vaughn --(6)
--------------------Meader--(6) ..........[ what is his middle name ? ]
--------------------Political lampoon "comedian" (anti-Kennedy element) repeatedly went
------------------- into recording studios, on 10/22nds, to make final recordings that
--------------------ridiculed the Kennedys

22----------------In that John F. Kennedy was the first casualty in the Vietnam
------------------- War due to his legislation that was going to lead us out of
--------------------that French Indo China fiasco (Nov. 63) . . .
--------------------In the great movie: 'The Sand Pebbles', which was nominated
--------------------for an Oscar as the Best Movie of 1966, interestingly the
--------------------production of this Naval WAR film began on 11/22/65,
--------------------and was completed on 3/21/66. -Where actor Steve McQueen
--------------------poignantly dies at the end of the movie
------------------- (Death / Death Initiation / Room 322)

Catch 22--------The military created phrase, and the movie "Catch 22",
--------------------starring the gifted Orson Welles, about the US Military.
--------------------Orson also directs / stars in the movie "Stranger", about
--------------------an ex-Nazi murderer who tries to settle in Connecticut

3/22/90--------" I do not like Broccoli "

------------------Cooking up trouble, George Bush states the above -
------------------Skull and Bones Tomb, New Haven, presently has a
------------------black cook (2000).
How do I know ? - cause I've seen him in New Haven !

2022 A.D.-----Movie:  Soylent Green (1973)
Set In The Year 2022 A.D.


Actor Joseph Cotton:  Murdered (Hit Man Pictured) Top Member Of 
------------------The Soylent Green (Cadavers Used As Human Food) Conspiracy

----------- ------

-------------- ---Actor Joseph Cotton Lives In Apartment:  22 A

------------ -----

3/22/---------Washington - Assistant U.S. District Attorney
----------------- O. John Rogge dies, was ousted/eradicated/fired from
----------------- his position, after providing information that multitudes
----------------- of U.S. Senators and Congressmen had been dealing with
----------------- the Nazis during WW2
------------------(exact year of death to be provided - lost documents)

3/21/68------"Mr. Rockefeller, who surprised many politicians yesterday
------------------when he announced he was not a candidate for the Republican
------------------nomination." -(23 March, 1968 - NY Times)

3/22/68------"A national committee of young Americans to draft Governor
------------------Rockefeller for the Republican nomination was formed last night"
------------------(23 March, 1968 - NY Times)

22-------------Digital 2's - -
------------------Satan as the Seducing Serpent happens to make that sound !

322-------------Reported Skull and Bones 'Tomb Room' in the Pentagon

322------------'Shaggy', the U.S. Military's "reggae" music act, gives "thanks
                         and praise to the
entire "322" office crew" on his album. 

                         U.S. MILITARY HINDU DRUG RUNNING
                         TULSI  "D" DRUG RUNNING / SMUGGLING CULT:


Some interesting 322 happenings:----

3/22/22 --Germany requests a new war reparations conference; says she
---------------cannot pay billion due

3/22/28 --Reichstag Committee's Report is submitted after 8 years of inquiry
---------------Socialists absolved on German Collapse

3/22/59 --Erich Wagner, 46 year old former Buchenwald concentration camp
---------------physician, committed suicide in prison on this date.

3/22/90 --Governor William O'Neill of Connecticut decides not to run
---------------for re-election

3/22/86 --A bronze statue of President Harry S. Truman in the center of
---------------Athens was blown up. -Occured on the same day that Secretary
---------------George Shultz arrived in Turkey

3/22/86 --The United States, despite urgent pleas from Congress to call
---------------off the test, detonated its first nuclear device since the Soviet
---------------Union extended its test ban

3/22/84 --William S. Frates, a trial lawyer who represented John D. Ehrlichman,
---------------President Nixon's former chief domestic affairs adviser, in the
---------------Watergate cover-up, dies

3/21/69 --Major General Courtney Whitney, the chief aide and confidant of
---------------Douglas MacArthur, dies. -(New York Times 3/22/69)

Of some interest. . . . . .

11/22/63----The Adolphus (Adolf-us) Hotel, Dallas, Texas, the reported
-----------------staging area during the assassination of J.F.K.
-----------------Adolphus Offices: 10221 Eastwood Drive, Dallas, TX 75228

------------------KKUP FM: 10221 Imperial Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014
------------------Where I Mikael Enoch was framed....'New Age' element moved it
------------------to Santa Clara, eradicating station on-air host Barry Fiore also.....
------------------Suicide Radio