Ras Mikael Enoch
          The Frame Job / New Age Coup

Let's start here
Fall 1995 

Special Thanks To Sister Fran for her complete overstanding, of what evil conspiracy 
transpired against I&I, the account :

Righteous and dearly beloved friend, Sister Fran (Fran Tibbs) who was General Manager 
of KKUP FM and a reggae programmer, had to step down from her position because of 
personal reasons.  The radio station, now in a state of uncertainty, found itself without
a General Manager.- No-one was willing to accept the positon.  The Board of Directors 
finally appointed a one - Eric Meece [on air name: 'Eric Mystic']. 
Eric Meece, then as G.M., appointed a relative newcomer, Jessica L. Lloyd-Rogers to the 
position of Program Director:

                             Jessica L. Lloyd-Rogers

                              Dark Demonic LIAR

Jessica L. Lloyd-Rogers would later be the individual responsible for falsely 
accusing on-air host Barry Fiore and Mikael Enoch, as a tactic in order to 
eliminate those individuals. -A few months after Mikael Enoch was falsely accused, 
Jessica then made her move against Barry Fiore.  After Jessica's eradication of 
Barry Fiore and amongst other issues of difficulties, Eric Meece then fires Jessica 
L. Lloyd-Rogers from her position as Programming Director (Spring 1996).
Immediately, amazingly, the Board of Directors realizes what Eric Meece has done 
and then proceeds to fire Eric Meece from the position of General Manager - then 
the KKUP FM Board of Directors re-appoints Jessica L. Lloyd-Rogers as Program 
Director, then later into the position of General Manager itself, replacing 
Eric Meece.

When we talk about the leadership of this radop station, KKUP FM - Total ascendancy 
to the level of General Manager, has been given to a PROFESSIONAL TAROT CARD 
READER  (Jessica L. Lloyd-Rogers).

Tarot Cards: A "profession" that is completely bogus.  A sham "profession" of liars. 
Even talk show host Howard Stern calls psychics frauds [4 Feb. 2000].


   Is it then any wonder why Mikael Enoch at KKUP FM 
   was eradicated and falsely accused ? - so that his reggae 
   program was replaced not with a reggae music program, 
   but with a show called "Music of the Tarot" A musical 
   devotion to GAIA (Greek Earth Goddess Fantasy).  
   Eric Meece ("Eric Mystic") of KKUP FM, is a sternly 
   pro-'New Age' movement individual, who's own girlfriend 
   replaced Mikael Enoch’s reggae program: "Deep Roots"


Paul Mc Cartney ?   No, actually Mikael Mc Carty (Mikael Enoch) Like an interesting 
James Bond / MI6 movie music prophecy that became fulfilled in 1995/6 through their 
own hands, all of them happen to be hereditary congenital English / Poms, and  all dealing 
in spiritual seduction.

Eric Meece who was also the individual (G.M.) who placed the professional Tarot Card 
reader (Jessica) into the position of Program Director.

Barry Fiore was eliminated from KKUP FM, just as Mikael Enoch and others were, 
because of their out-spoken concern that KKUP FM was being taken over by self-serving 
'New Age' business venture conspirators, who wished to use KKUP FM as a vehicle for 
promoting their own private 'New Age' Faires - personal money making scheme. 
Those 'New Age' Faires, jeopardizing KKUP FM's own non-commercial broadcasting
license with the F.C.C. as a non-commercial station, including the radio station's own 
'By-Laws' which forbid such endeavors under the roof of KKUP FM.
None of those facts bothered a Board of Directors already controlled by 'New Age' 

I wish to give thanks to Barry Fiore for making contact with I&I after he was
ousted from the radio station, because of a petty reason - just because of his opinion 
(that he distrusted staff member Dave Stafford) that he offered off the air, for 
this he was eradicated from his radio show -

Eric Meece is a public figure who recently chose to run in a public election, an office 
position in the 'Green Party' of Santa Clara Valley. – The plot itself, stemming from 
a false accusation by the then Program Director Jessica L. Lloyd-Rogers.
The false accusations against reggae selector Mikael Enoch at KKUP 91.5 FM, in 
Cupertino, California, can be summed up in the below San Jose City Police Report 
that was taken :

   "On 12-26-95 at 1234 Hrs, the victim was home
   and received a phone call that registered on her
   phone message recorder. -She recognized the
   voice, even though it was disguised. -It belonged
   to Mikael McCarty. -The message involved a poem,
   saying his various body parts. -Love the victim.
   He ended the message saying "You may think this
   is a drunken college student or random call".

"This is directed to you." He went on to say that she ought to pay attention 
to the message.  The victim says that the message was rather disjointed and
non-sensical.  He said "everything is ok, have fun in America.  He innumerated the 
"C" in America as a "K", like as "Amerika".  The caller hung up and the phone 
immediately rang.  There was no voice, but the sound of video games could be
heard in the background.  Then the same male voice as the previous call, The voice 
said "I'm gonna kick your ass".  The caller then hung up.  The victim said she and the
suspect had a business conflict that resulted in the victim, recommending that the 
suspect be suspended from Programming Responsibilities.  Did program for 8 years
and the victim began work in Sept. 1995. -The suspect was upset that he was 
suspended. Several days after the phone call, the victim notified the General 
Manager of the Radio station.  KKUP 91.5 FM of the phone call. Name Eric Meece."

The San Jose Police Department / Santa Clara County District Attorney dropped 
the phone call charge, after realizing that I was in Jamaica, and with the proof from 
T.O.J. (Telecommunications Of Jamaica) that the corrupt-loaded KKUP FM Board 
of Directors, who after hearing the garbled tape, condemned me on the spot, saying 
it was me, who was responsible for the phone call.  Now for the facts, which damn 
an E V I L  C L I Q U E at radio station (KKUP FM) :

I, Mikael Enoch was in the nation of Jamaica on Dec. 26th., 1995 (Boxing Day), where 
I was staying at the Mayfair Hotel in Kingston. -Heading towards the rural Parish of 
St. Thomas, I visited Bath and Rocky Point.   While in Rocky Point, I came upon a 
crowd of people who were looking at a woman who had been hit by an automobile. 
I volunteered to take the woman and her brother to the nearest hospital, the Princess 
Margaret Hospital, Port Morant.  I wanted to see if the woman was going to be alright, 
and with nothing really better to do, I stayed at the hospital for a good portion of 
the day.  In the heat of the day, I purchased a few drinks from the regular juice
vendor lady who works at the rural hospital, and made friends with her as I drove 
her back to her home (1/2 mile away), to return with more drinks to the hospital. 
This woman, who remembered me, when I returned in August 1997, spoke to Matron 
Carr of the Princess Margaret Hospital, and confirmed to her that it was me, who 
came to the hospital on 26 December, 1995.  Eventually the Emergency Room nurse 
said that the woman was going to be alright - The woman had suffered a major 
concussion and was at the time unconscious, with a loss of blood that was evident 
in my automobile.  Departing the hospital, I continued onto Bath, where I took in 
the baptismal waters of Jah. -After Bath, I continued onto Portland, then to
Annotto Bay, and back into Kingston that night for the 'Sting Concert',
which was my intention for going to Jamaica during that time of the year.

To the facts:

1. My hotel bill at the Mayfair Hotel in Kingston, showed that no calls
    whatsoever were made by me, period.

2. Jamaica is and was under a calling card ban by the phone companies,
    due to fraud. -The only authorized places are the Jamaican Pegasus
    and Wyndham New Kingston Hotels in Kingston. -No calling card service
    is offered in the Parish of St. Thomas.

3. With the help of T.O.J. (Telecommunications Of Jamaica) and their-
    monitoring of all calls leaving the nation of Jamaica, did also confirm
    that no calls from Jamaica were directed at the quote "victim", who
    resided in San Jose, California.

4. With a need to prove my innocence, I called in the F.B.I., who did a
    voice analysis of the phone call recording. 
    The results were negative.

5. Matron Carr of the Princess Margaret Hospital, along with the juice
    vendor who works at the hospital, placed me in St. Thomas during the
    time in question.

6. Anyone who knows the very rural Parish of St. Thomas knows that
    public phones are entirely scarce, let alone phones at all.   Along
    with this, the December 26th is 'Boxing Day', a major National Holiday
    in Jamaica.  Another troublesome issue for the quote "victim" (KKUP FM),
    concerns the statement: "the sound of video games could be heard in
    the background".   Anyone who knows the Parish of St. Thomas, would
    know immediately that the accusation is bogus.

7. Once again, the District Attorney for Santa Clara County
    dropped the charge.


    KKUP FM Studio
    Cupertino, California

Prior to my trip to Jamaica  , only 2 people at the radio station had the priveledge 
of knowing that I was going to Jamaica:
                                                              #1  Sister Fran,
                                                              #2  Eric Meece (G.M.)
Below is an excerpt from the above police report: 
"The victim said she and the suspect had a business conflict
that resulted in the victim, recommending that the suspect be
suspended from Programming Responsibilities" 
Out of the blue, the Program Director and quote "victim"; called me and threatened 
me that if I didn't produce a T-shirt design (which was claimed that I had) by 
Midnight that night, then I was going to be suspended.   Of which I still have this 
phone recording that she left on my telephone recorder.  Later it was found
out that my fellow radio DJ friend "Stompin' Steve" claimed in a station meeting 
earlier that week, that he heard I speak of the T-shirt design that the Reggae 
Department was doing.  Sister Fran had just relinquished her General Manager 
position, however she was still handling the T-Shirt creation and design, thus her
responsibility. -Hearing that I was about to be suspended from my program, 
I called then-friend "Stompin' Steve" and discussed the situation, whereby he 
made attempts to clarify, rectify the situation with those who's anger was 
mis-directed, out-of-line.  I never received an apology over that situation.

      Black, Green, Gold logo design
      decided upon by Sister Fran G.M.
      and Reggae Dept. Head Mikael Enoch

Within a week I left for Jamaica  Dec 21, 1995.   Anotherexcerpt from the 
police report: 
"Did program for 8 years and the victim began work in Sept. 1995. The 
suspect was upset that he was suspended." 
More falsehoods.  Up until December 1995, I had been at KKUP FM for 
4 1/2 years. During the 'Kangaroo Court' that was being set up for me, which 
also overtook Barry Fiore later, the station moved to Santa Clara, in the 
Franklin Mall, Santa Clara.

The 'New Age' Ex-Christian Church in San Jose, California (below) where the 
new management at the station had recently decided to hold KKUP FM Board 
Meetings there.  The picture below is of the building just prior to demolition.

This is where the 'Kangaroo Court' (Proceedings Held In Large 'New Age'

Painted Circle On The Ground) was held along with their sadistic lack of interest 
in proof of innocence.  The witches and queers had another thing in store for 
Mikael Enoch.
Frame Jobs are like that !


After trying un-successfully to present the evidence of my innocence at the Board 
Meeting, I on the way home decided to look at the outside of the new building in 
Santa Clara, for which I had yet to see, as the station had just moved to the 'new' 
station building (below) :


In doing so, I was seen just looking at the outside, and charged with trespassing 
P.C. 555 (m) - All for just looking at the station at this distance.   Seeing that their 
phone charge wasn't going to stick they had to find something to charge I with.
Evil and corrupt police, and 'New Age' luciferian false-accusation cabal at KKUP,
That happened on the same day in which the Board of Directors refused to hear or 
see any evidence that vindicated me.

Thanks to my radio listeners for all of their support over the years, however you have 
been denied a uniquely great reggae program, by the evil runnings at KKUP FM.

   The "victim" through her connections, 
   has had published, one-sided distorted 
   lies/stories about the whole affair -
   Of course those attempts are a sick joke, 
   when put against the evidence that I have 
   presented.  One of the publications in 
   question is "Out" the totally homosexual 

The homosexual ties to the frame job at KKUP FM cannot be ignored, which includes the 
criticism of I's program by Eric Meece, when I was being accused before the Board of 
Directors.  His claim was that I was playing reggae music that mocked homosexuals / 
Sodom & Gomorrah.  This I was charged with by Eric Meece.  Local reggae band, 
The Frontline Rockers:
                                                EARTHQUAKE  SONG  CLIP

Good Lord There Is More 

  Loving Jamaican people shows love in return.
Here in America (KKUP FM), I'm falsely accused, with my face grinded
sadistically into the mchinations of the System.  Later I would spend 61 
days in the Santa Clara County jail, all for speaking the truth on the internet,
defending myself.   I have now lost all respect for the legal system and it's unfair 
judicial "prudence".  A Judge, District Attorney and System that would give 
support to a quote "victim", (Jessica), who in turn later, became a member of 
the Citizen's Grand Jury, 

Jessica L. Lloyd-Rogers (U.S. Army Operative) who then was responsible for 
breaking-up this same Citizen's Grand Jury, because of her accusations against 
the whole legal system.  The District Attorney was in turned back-stabbed by 
this same Tarot Card deceiver, liar.  The D.A. knows now that I was framed by a 
one-woman (U.S. Army Operative) wrecking machine, destroying liveswith her 
demonic inspired lies.  Honestly it's quite amusing that the same witch of lies, 
spiritual seductress lies, who framed me, would in turn continue to operate as a 
correction system agent provacateur, working to this day in the legal system and 
correctional corporation, as a member of the U.S. Army.

   * Of note: -I find it interesting that a Colonel Michael 
   Aquino, a high ranking officer in the United States Army,
   is the leader of "The Temple of Set", a direct offshoot 
   of "The Church of Satan", in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
   As confirmed in the San Jose Mercury News (5/15/98): 
   That the "victim" in the above case, is a confirmed 
   occultist (professional tarot card reader), who also wears 
   circled pentagram pendants and rings, and who is a recent 
   member of the United States Army who interestingly 
   appeared at KKUP FM (Imperial Avenue, Cupertino), in
   September, 1995.

   Especially when the 60th Anniversary of the satanic invasion
   and attempted elimination of His Imperial Majesty,
   Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, 1935/1995. The quote "victim"
   at KKUP FM became Program Director in the first week of
   October, 1995. The invasion happened on October 3, 1935.
   Interesting how things happen...

To be quite frank - while presenting reggae music, along with Jamaican News, I did offer 
stern criticism of the Clinton Administration during my program. -In fact over the years,
I discussed the Bush and Reagan Administration - I started radio in 1978.   I also know 
of many individuals who have either lost their life, or were eradicated because of their
opposition to the Clinton Administration.   I did in fact make contact with the White House 
in Washington D.C., representing myself as a KKUP FM employee, where I asked for a 
chronology of Bill Clinton's daily activities - as I was secretly trying to seek out Bill 
Clinton's yearly activities on March 22nd.   The White House did comply, and sent me 
the information I was seeking.  While I have no proof that the tentacles of the Clinton 
Administration were ultimately responsible for the conspiracy that befell me, I do know 
that the quote "victim" appeared at KKUP FM, direct from the U.S. Army, with an agenda 
that included eradicating me.....and here now in 2000 (Original Date Of This Web-Site),
with the news media's interest in me personally, I am seriously thinking again, about a 
deep covert Government attempt to get rid of me, off the radio.  For I find the whole 
idea quite real and very plausible.


   Bottom Line
   They stole a reggae program
   The radio station is evil