New Zealand Parliament
Ex-M.P. For The Green Party
Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) 
   With A Serpent Lucifer (Dragon) Snake Tattoo Upon  
   His Left Arm, The Fuming Drugged-Out Nándor Steven 
   Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Who Used To Be A Member 
   Of Parliament, Under The Banner Of The Marxist 
Soylent Greens, Is The Co-Founder Of The Hemp Store Aotearoa, 
Along With Chris Fowler And Mike Finlayson, Which Sold Then, And 
To This Date, Totally Dangerous Drugs That Are Dangers To Young 
Lungs, And Older, With Totally Toxic Chemicals, And Notably Cancer 
Causing Tar.  EMPHYSEMA !

Nice Legacy You Got There Nándor !
Not Content With Just Cannabis, Nándor Sets Up A Business Catering
To Every Form Of Un-Natural Synthetic High Imaginable - Party Pills,
Synthetic Pharmaceutical "Highs", And Even Speaks Against Banning
Such Dangerous Substances, Destined And Promoted By Nándor To
Be Inhaled By Young Lungs And Young Minds - Wasted By Nándor !

The Legacy Of Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Is Emphysema
And Un-Natural Highs Mixed With Chemical Induced Stupidity Of Which
The Drugged-Out Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) And His 
Writings Show A Rattled Brain, And Sentence Structure That Points 
To Clear Stupidity And Most Assuredly Brain Damage Due To His 
'other' drugs That He Promoted In A 'High Times' Magazine Interview.  
How He Was Ultimately Accepted Into The Waikato University, With His
Lack Of Proper English Grammar, Is A Study And Investigation For 
Further Research !

Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) 666

Soylent Green Party Marxist-Leninist Totally Bogus
Imposter Phoney Counterfeit "Rastafarian":

Nándor  6
Steven  6
Táncos  6

Nándor, After Leaving The New Zealand Parliament As A Member
Of A Government Body, In Disgrace, Has Decided To Live In His
Wretched Dirty Old Hippie Bus Located Between The Waipa River
& The Hakarimata Range At Ngaruawahia In The Waikato Region.
Who Is Also Attending The University Of Waikato, Hamilton.

   With A Disturbing Looking Serpent Snake Tattoo Upon His 
   Left Arm, Especially For Real Rastafarians In Te Aotearoa 
   And Other Locations, Nándor Has Recently (November 2009) 
   Decided To Cut Off His Fashion-Locks Dreadlocks And Has 
Burned Them.  Nándor States That He Got A Mystical Message While In 
The Forest, Telling Him To Cut The Locks, And The Resultant Cremation,
So Popular Amongst The Romans And Pagans.  With A Stated 
"Anarchist Background" And Political Agenda That Includes His Continued 
Participation And Promotion Of The Soylent Green Party Of Marxist-Leninists, 
The Drugged-Out Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Is The Co-Founder
 Of The Hemp Store Aotearoa, Along With Chris Fowler And Mike Finlayson, 
Which Sold Then, And To This Date -

Benzylpiperazine (BZP) and
Trifluromethylphenylpiperazine (TFMPP)

*  Ecstasy   *  Frenzy    *  Lounge-E      
*  Pepe       *  Rapture   *  Nirvana
Charge   *  Grunter    *  Kandi   
*  Jet        *  Bliss          

Most Interesting Is That The Drug Testing For MDMA 
Amphetamine Symptomatic BZP, And TFMPP Was Done In Hungary, 
The Same Pathetic Area Of Europe That Nándor Steven Tánczos
(Táncos) (666) Genetic Line Hails From.

Un-Natural Synthetic Cannaboids -

   *  Kronic - Synthetic Cannaboid (JWH-018)
   *  Space V2 - Synthetic Cannaboid (JWH-018) (JWH-073) (JWH-100)
   *  Marihuanilla - Alternative High Chemicals
   *  Tribal Dance - Trippy Effect Chemicals
   *  Dream - Synthetic Cannaboid
   *  Spice - Synthetic Cannaboid (JW-018)
   *  Damiana - Aphrodisiac Chemicals
   *  Blue Lotus - Nymphae Caerulea
   *  Spice Diamond - More Potent Synthetic Cannaboid
   *  Kronic Purple Haze - (JWH-018) (RCS-04)

Ecstasy And Other Various Drug Test Kits -

Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Who Is Proud To Proclaim
His Hungarian Heritage And Of The River Tisza In Hungary, Along With 
His Family Tree That Is Of The Raubenheimer's, No Doubt Does Not 
Want You To Know That The Derivation Of The Name Raubenheimer 
(Rauber) Is To Rob, Steal, Robbers !  And Proud Of It ! The Hungarians 
Who Prefer To Be Called The Magyar Are Known For Centuries Upon 
Centuries As Raiding And Pillaging Europe. Their Thieving Actions Were 
Stopped In 955 A.D. In The Augsburg Battle.  However Their Main 
Center Of Residence Is The River Tisza Area, Of Which Nándor Steven 
Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Is So Quick To Pronounce His Genetic Line To 
Everyone. The Same Pathetic Genetic Line That Enslaved The Slavs ! 
Raiders !  Their Origins Are Turkic From Croatia !

Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Now Operates His Plot Against 
True Rastafarians In Te Aotearoa Through His Business In Hamilton, 
By The Name Of:

He Puna Manawa Ltd.
                  " social and political change agency "

A Clear Front, For Subversive Activities Against True Rastafarians 
Like Myself, Who Like Many Other Māori In Te Aotearoa At This Very 
Moment Have And Are Giving Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666), 
The Ultimatum To Get Out Of Rastafarian Theology, Movement, And 
Desires To Be A Pathetic Pakeha "Rasta" Religious Leader.  Nándor 
Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Is At This Moment Trying To Forment 
Legal Restraints Against Real Rastafarians In Te Aotearoa \ NZ Who 
Do Not Agree With His Evil Snake Serpent Weak-Arm Plot !  Nándor 
Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Is At This Moment Trying To Enact 
Legislation That Will Make Alternative Real Rastafarians Such As Myself 
And Other Leading Māori Rastafarians, In Conflict With The Laws That 
He is Trying To Get Passed !

You 666 Beast !
You Will Be Defeated In Every Way Possible !
Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666)

   Serpent Lucifer Snake Tattoo On Nándor Steven Tánczos 
   (Táncos) (666), And His Totally Hypocritical Chimney Stove 
   Recently Built In His Old Dirty Looking Eye-Sore Hippie Bus, 
   Is In Direct Contradiction, A Hypocrite To The Greenhouse 
Gas Issues That He Purports And Claims To Fight Against As A Marxist-Leninist 
Soylent Green Party Member, Who Lives By Parliamentary Pension !

The Socialist New Zealand Labour Party Have Formed A Predictable
Coalition With The Marxist-Leninist Soylent Green Party, Who's Hub Of
Control Is Berlin, Deutschland.  The Green Party Is A Foreign Designed
Political Conspiracy - Not Even Native Or Original To New Zealand..

Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) 
'Free Beer' Promoting, Dangerous Ecstasy 'High Times' Interview
Drug-Pusher-Promoter, (Ecstasy = Jew Marxist Drug Mafias).
Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) 
TOTALLY FALSE "Rastafarian" Needs To Be Shown For Who He Is, 
That Being A Horrible Example Of What A Rastafarian Might Be.  
Prominent Māori Are So Upset With His False Counterfeit Rastafarian 
Efforts With The Soylent Greens, In Order To Fool And Trick Māori 
Into Joining And Being Duped By The Soylent Green Party.  
Nandor's Parliamentary Political Agenda Included Nothing Substantial, 
Except To Make Sure His "Precious" Drug-Induced Brain Was Not 
Protected By A Bike Helmet.  Nándor's Own Gigantic Purple Tam 
Exemplifies The Advertisement To Many Unaware, That Rastafarians 
Or Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Is Into Homosexuality, 
For Anyone Who Studies The Marxist-Leninist Soylent Greens, 
(Metiria Turei) Will Know That Purple Is The Code Colour Of The 
Lesbian Faggot Marxist Homosexual Movement.  Basically Only The 
Homosexuals In The San Francisco Gay Area Of California Wear Purple, 
To Identify Themselves As Queer, For That Is A Fact.  
A Most Eloquent Air New Zealand Staff Member Informed Me Personally, 
And Confirmed To I, That Nándor Literally Stinks With Horrid Body 
Odour -- Again We Ponder The Already Stated Public Policy Of The 
Soylent Green Party, That Of Demanding That The Population Stop 
Taking Showers !  Nándor Is Into Everything Involving Dead 
(Grateful Dead \ Hippie) Culture.  The Marxist-Leninist Dictate Of The 
Soylent Green Party To Fight Against Monarchy Especially, Nándor Is A 
Bolshevik Marxist-Leninist Green Party Anti-Monarchy Counterfeit 
"Rastafarian" Wolf, Who Also Believes The Bone Lies Of Mengistu Haile 
Miriam Of Marxist-Leninist Ethiopia And Of A Literally Dead Haile Selassie, 
The Emperor Of Ethiopia.

Bad Trips To The Himalayas And 'High' Altitudes Results In A Lengthy
Case Of Nándor Being Deprived Of Oxygen And Obvious Brain Damage, 
(Bad Grammar And Similar Insane Karl-Marx Rambles) Is Totally Into 
Eastern Mysticism And And No Doubt The Resultant 'Out Of Body 
Experiences' Through The Usage Of Highly Dangerous Drugs, Of Which 
Nándor Does Promote The Accessibility Of Ecstasy, Etc., And Especially
The Booze Hooch 'Free Beer' Mass Intoxication Programme That He 
Wants To Implement, If Allowed To, And You Name It ---> A Plot By 
Drugged-Out Boozed-Out Pissed Marxist-Leninist Soylent Greens To 
Literally Destroy Any Good Image Of The Noble Māori Rastafarians,
 -- Who Can See Right Through Nándor's Plot.  Nándor Is A Pathetic 
Dirty-Ass Stinky Hippie Wanna-Be Who Is Trying To Graft Onto 
Rastafarian Belief, Every Form Of Nonsense Hippie "Herbie" Culture,
Including The Grateful Dead Drug Music Cult From The United States.
The Grateful Dead \ Jew Marxist Drug & Music Mafias

Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Is Known For His Own Phoney 
Rolex Watch That He Banged Onto The New Zealand Parliamentary Podium 
To Do A Predictable Marxist-Leninist Copy Of Nikita Khrushchev's Banging 
Of A Shoe In The United Nations !
After Hundreds Of Millions Of Human Beings Having Been Slaughtered Under 
Marx-Lenin Doctrine, Every Time It Was Offered Throughout History, The 
Evil Idiot Monster Marxist-Leninist Green Party Agent Provacateur Nándor 
Steven Tánczos, States, That In Relation To The Marxist-Leninist Green Party,
"Give The Green Party A Chance".  
It Was An Operative Of The Green Party Who Ultimately 
FRAMED ME Off Of The Radio, As I Was A Radio Presenter (DJ), 
Who Was The ONLY PERSON In The United States That Was Playing 
Non-Nuclear Reggae And Presenting Programming (interviews and dialogue) 
That Was Promoting New Zealand's Non-Nuclear Stance 
(KFJC FM \ KKUP FM - 1985-1996).  I Look Back With Such Pride 
That I Was In Fact Working With The New Zealand Government 
(S.F. Consulate General), As They Gracefully Provided Me With The 
Necessary Musics To Help Me With My Efforts In The United States, 
Where Official U.S. Government And Government Media Policy Is And Was, 
To Make New Zealand Appear As The New Enemy. 
The Evil Green Party Framed Me !