Satanic Bolshevik Hassidic Judaic Plot
          Against Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I
                              Jah Ras Tafari
   Greetings In The Name Of The Most High Jah Ras Tafari !
   As Many Of You Know, I&I Am Always On The Front Lines,
   In The Defense Of His Imperial Majesty Of Ethiopia !
   Well, I&I Have Just Uncovered A Most Troubling Aspect Of
   The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS Network).
   The Shocking And Most Frightening Incident Involving
   The CBS Television Program:
         Mission Impossible - 1967
         Episode:  The Astrologer

   On The Televison Episode Of Mission Impossible, The CBS Television 
   Network, Is Shown Stealing From Haile Selassie I - Jah Ras Tafari
   Using And Totally Abusing The Image Of His Imperial Majesty:


    Be Aware That CBS Was
    Already Identified By U.S.
    Senator Joe Mc Carthy As 
    Being A Bolshevik Marx German
    Jew Communist Conspiracy.



        ( 19) 48 DEGREES FORWARD




  Edward Roscoe Murrow 
              Edward   6
              Roscoe    6
              Murrow   6
                          The BEAST                 
              Ronald    6
              Wilson   6
              Reagan   6

   The BEAST 
  From The book "Catch A Fire", By Timothy White:

   " Ronald Wilson Reagan retired to his Bel Aire villa on 666 St. Cloud
     Street, Rastafarians pointed once more to Revelation 8:6-9. "
   Also, A Famous Reggae Song (Black Uhuru) By Michael Rose 
   "Bull In The Pen", which states that:
   " the mark of the Beast is on the President "
   . . . referring to President Ronald Wilson Reagan.
   Ronald 6
   Wilson 6
   Reagan 6
   Ronald Wilson Reagan And His Wife Nancy Reagan Were HEAVILY
   Into The Occult (Astrology)
   Edward 6
   Roscoe 6
   Murrow 6
   Of Note Also, Is That Peter Graves, Who Is The Lead Character
   In The Mission Impossible TV Series, Is None Other Than The
   Same CBS Script Reader Who Appeared On The A&E Biography
   Episode (1995 Cat #AAE-14026) About Senator Joe Mc Carthy's 
   Life, And Where Peter Graves Again States Complete Lies In 
   Regards To Senator Joe Mc Carthy:  "having not exposed one 
   (1) Communist in Government".  
    Yet More Lies, From Already Proven Communist Bolshevik Hassidic
   Judaic 1917 Red Agents At The CBS Television Network !
   In The Mission Impossible Episode:  The Astrologer, The CBS Bolshevik
   Hassidic Judaic 1917 Communists Do In Fact Use A Gigantic Plaque Of
   Haile Selassie, His Image -- Along With The Lion Of Judah Image 
   (Not Shown).

   And What Do Ya Know . . .The I.M.F. (Impossible Mission Force) Are
   Seen Stealing Items From Behind That Same Plaque In An Airplane
   (which resembles Ethiopian Airlines), And Where They Take The 
   Leader (similar to Haile Selassie in looks) And Throw Him Out Of 
   The Plane, And Replace H.I.M. (His Imperial Majesty) With An 
   Imposter.  In Fact The CBS TV Crew Has Scenes In The Mission 
   Impossible Episode, Where They Take The Leader And Move 
   H.I.M. Around In A Horrible Manner !
   Rastafarians Are NOW Keenly Aware Of The Bogus Bones Of
   H.I.M. Haile Selassie In Ethiopia, How His Imperial Majesty's
   Preported (Claimed) Bones Have Been Re-Buried 7 Times !
   . . . And How In 1974, Some 7 Years After The Mission Impossible 
   Episode (1967 - The Astrologer) Was Produced, That It Was 
   The Same Bolshevik Hassidic Judaic REDS Who Took Over Ethiopia !
   Shocking To Say The Least, And Confirming That Once Again
   That CBS Are A Completely Sinister Force Of Traitorous
   Bolshevik Hassidic Judaic Satanic Devils !
   The Plaque Is So Large, And The Image Is None Other Than
   Haile Selassie I, So Therefore The "Leader" On The Episode
   Is There To Be,  Haile Selassie I - Jah Ras Tafari !
   Rastafari Emergency ! ! !
   Be Aware Of The Devil Conspiracy At CBS, That Bolshevik Hassidic
   Judaic Satanic RED Communist PLOT To Get Rid Of Monarchy Notably,
   (i.e. Czar Nicholas Of Russia, etc.), The Bolshevik Hassidic Judaics
   Hate Monarchy, So Therefore That Is Exactly Who They Attack
   And Attempt To Eliminate !
   The Evil Bolshevik Jews Have Been Caught !

   The Scenes Where The "Leader" Is Taken Around The Airplane,
   Out Of Consciousness, And Stuffed Into Other Areas, Is Horribly
   Shocking For Those Who Love His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I
   Jah Ras Tafari -- And Who Know All About Those Bogus Bones
   They Have, As Representative Of H.I.M., Haile Selassie I.
   I&I Am Always On The Case !

   Hollywood, California -

   Joel Stein Of The Los Angeles Times, States Un-Equivocally
   That Hollywood Is Run Lock-Stock-And-Barrel By Bolshevik
   Communist Tinged Jews:

   Actor George Clooney, The Gray Haired Old Man, Who's Hype
   Over Him Being "Handsome", Once Again Confirms A Jew Plot
   In Order To Foist Him Before The American Public At Large.
   From Lesbian Ellen Degeneres (Degenerate), To A Whole Host
   Of Other Tools Of Jew Controlled Hollywood, The Hype Over
   Old Man George Clooney Is So Extremely Bogus.

   Interestingly Enough, George Clooney Hosted Walter Cronkite
   (C.B.S.) At His Home In Lake Como, Italy, Where He Told
   Fellow C.B.S. Jew Conspirator David Letterman Of That Fact
   On 5 October, 2011 (Late Show).  Walter Cronkite If You
   Will Remember Was A Clear Participant In Working Against
   The United States Military And Giving Moral Support And
   Aid To The Communist Vietnamese (Vietnam War).
   Jew David Letterman Is A Known, Proven Jew Tool Script
   Reader At C.B.S., Who Always Attacks Conservative Ideals
   And Politicians.

   George Clooney Also Wrote The Screen Play And Directed The
   Anti-McCarthy Movie: 'Good Night, And Good Luck', Along
   With Jew Hollywood Producer Grant Heslov And Actor Alex
   Borstein.  Distributed By Jewish Warner Brothers.
   Audio Mix Of McCarthy Exposing Edward Roscoe Murrow
   As A Soviet (VOKS) Spy At C.B.S.:

   David Straithairn Who Played Edward Roscoe Murrow (C.B.S.)
   In 'Good Night, And Good Luck' Also Starred On The American
   Experience Television Program:
   'The Curious Case of J. Robert Oppenheimer'
   The Story About A Proven Communist Jew Spy
   A Film By Jew David Grubin.


   Haile Selassie \ Jah Ras Tafari

   In That The World Is Upside Down,
   Along With The Holy Scriptures That Acknowledge That Fact,
   Then Of Course,
TE AOTEAROA Fits Perfectly Into  
   Jah's Planet Creation Revelation.
           " Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, 
           and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, 
           and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. "
                                  - Isaiah 24:1

               And Who Is Up In The Clouds ?
                        Waiting To Arrive.
               T E   A O T E A R O A
            Land of the Long White Cloud

    " ...and he has on his vesture
and on his thigh a name
       written, KING OF KINGS,


- Revelation 19:16


             Ka'ale & The Truth 
      (From The Kingdom Of Hawai'i)

# 2.  This Is A Test  (With Bredryn & Mr. Kapu)


   His Imperial Majesty
Emperor of Ethiopia
-     -Haile Selassie I
-     -Jah Ras Tafari

----------------------------the evil Roman Empire
---------------------------has other plans AFOOT
for Ethiopia

---A Planned LEGACY
--and D'boot for Ethiopia


Owning arms factories while in full support of Benito Mussolini
and the war against Ethiopia (Abyssinia) 1935-41, the Vatican
through "ratlines" helped countless amounts of leading hellish
nazis to escape Europe after the war.

It becomes all too apparent as to the real meaning behind the
Papal X keys [Roman pagan keys of Kronos/Dagon], and how
truly satanic their alignments before and after they crucified
Jesus Christ.

Look At How Eritrea and the Roman / Italian Peninsula (Leg) Line-Up 
On The Map ! (below)
The Romans Are Insidious, Evil !
They Thought That They Would Get Away With Their COMPLETE
INSULT Against Abyssinia / Ethiopia !
Romans / Italians And Their Lousy Evil Satanic LEG / BOOT !
The Holy Scriptures Talk About "Feet Of Clay"


   Haile Selassie
Emperor of Ethiopia
September 12, 1974

----------     -DEPOSED BY
-----     --A SOVIET TRAINED
-----     --COMMUNIST COUP


---A coup leader who
---eventually became the
---leader of Ethiopia - 1977
---Mengistu Haile Miriam,
---who has fled to exile in
---Marxist North Korea

Marxist Soviet Hell
1974 - 1991

" In the Palace driveway stood
   a green Volkswagen. "

" Behind the wheel
sat an officer, who
opened the door
and held the front seat,
so that the Emperor
could get into the back. "


" You can't be serious! "
the Emperor bridled.
" I'm supposed to go like this ? "


          Haile Selassie I - (1892-     )

         " And  the  LORD  said,  My  spirit  shall  not 
           always  strive  with  man,  for  that  he  also 
           is  flesh:   yet  his  days  shall  be  an  (120) 
           hundred  and  twenty  years. "
                    - Genesis 6:3    (King James Version)