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   >   I Just So Happen To Have Personally Attended
             Pat Tillman's Memorial Held Publicly In San Jose
             California - Maria Shriver, U.S. Senator McCain, Etc.



            We Now Find Out That Pat Tillman Was Shot In
            The Head By His Own Soldiers, Up-Close, And
            That Pat Tillman Did Not Want To Be A Part Of
            The U.S. Military Drug Mafias (Heroin) That Are A
            'Golden Triangle' Problem That Has Never Gone
            Away - Only Gotten Worse.  The False Story
            Was Fabricated By The Drug Running U.S. Military,
            Just Like The Iraq War False Story About:  
            Jessica Lynch.
    Not In Any Way Like Lt. Col. Harold William "Indian Joe"
    Bauer, Marine Corps Ace At Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands)
    And New Hebrides (Vanuatu), Of Which The Efate Island, 
    Port Vila, Vanuatu Airport Is Named In His Honour (Bauerfield),
    For His Bravery And Distinction -- My Own Personal Hero.
NO !
    What We Have Here Is A 
    Sort Of 'Golden Triangle' Network
    Of U.S. Drug Mafias Who Work
    Within The Framework Of The U.S. 
    Military, With Most Notably: SUPPLY, 
    And The Attempted Take-Over Of 
    Foreign Drug Mafias, As Seen In 
    Mexico With U.S. Government Drug 
    Mafias Taking Over, With Shipments 
    Of Massive Amounts Of Guns To The 
    U.S. Backed Mafias In Mexico.

   The United States Military Is The Drug Mafia And U.S.M.C. Tentacles To 
   Operatives In Foreign Nations Namely New Zealand And Torbay Itself.

'Drugs For Arms', Remember That One ?

   New Zealand Is Blessed When Brilliance Coincides,
   Almost Like The Alignment Of The Stars...

   Rt. Hon. David Lange                   -vs-       U.S. Military Nukes
   Ras Mikaere Enoch Mc Carty      
-vs-      U.S.M.C. Drug Dealers
   U.S. Senator Joseph Mc Carthy  
-vs-      U.S. Army Communists
           (22 April, 1954)
   U.S. Army Pat Tillman Murdered
           (22 April, 2004)

            22 / 322 
Skull And Bones Death Order

                   IN TE AOTEAROA  (NZ)

   Address Of A Pathetic Evil Yank Drug Dealer

             129 Glamorgan Drive
             Torbay, New Zealand

              THE HOUSE WITH THE U.S.M.C.
              FLAG FLYING !


   I Already Loved New Zealand And New Zealanders
   Well Before 1985 . . .
   I Started To Absolutely Love N.Z. In 1985 Due To The
   A.N.Z.U.S. Affair ---> And What Do You Know, I Again
   Am Chasing Evil, EVIL American Drug Dealers From
   New Zealand !

   And The NERVE, To Fly Not A New Zealand Flag,
   But A United States Marine Corp Flag !

   Fuck You Drug Dealing Yankee-Doodle !


   There Is A Proud U.S. Marine Who Gained
   Citizenship, Who Flies His Annoying U.S. Marine Flag On
   His Residence - Who Also Is Involved In Drug Sales.


   People Who Live Near Nor'east Drive, Torbay, Will
   Very Likely Remember And Know Who Is Flying A
   United States Marine Corp (Red) Flag From His
   Property !

   YES, An American Military Man 
   (U.S.M.C.) Who Is Reportedly Dying 
   From Cancer Or Something, Who Is
   Definately A Drug Dealer.  For I Was 
   Witness To These Transactions Time 
   And Time Again. 

   American U.S.M.C. Drug Dealing Scum 
   In Te Aotearoa !






   Wannabe 'Maori' deported

   15 / 01/ 2012

   A middle-aged American who yearns to be Maori has lost his 
   appeal to stay in New Zealand and will be kicked out of the 
   country after being caught with a small quantity of cannabis.

   Michael McCarty argued there were humanitarian reasons 
   why he should not be deported but the Immigration and 
   Protection Tribunal was unswayed by his claims that his 
   adopted Maori family needed him, and his proclaimed 
   affinity with all things Kiwi.

   McCarty entered New Zealand on August 16 last year on 
   a visitor's visa that entitled him to stay until November 16, 
   but on September 13 he was convicted of possessing 
   cannabis and, two days later, issued with a deportation 
   notice by Immigration New Zealand.

   He opted to fight the deportation and appealed through the 
   tribunal to stay in New Zealand on the grounds he was the 
   first international student to try to take te reo Maori at an 
   institute in Rotorua and that his adopted Maori family needed 
   his financial help. He claimed without it, they would become 
   destitute and homeless.

   He also pointed out that as a radio presenter in California in 
   the 1980s and 1990s he had promoted New Zealand music 
   and long held a special affinity with the country.

   He said that coming from California, which had lax laws in 
   respect to the possession of small amounts of cannabis, 
   he was not truly aware of the severity of New Zealand's drug 
   laws and had paid his $300 fine in full.

   But the tribunal dismissed most of McCarty's claims as inflated 
   and grandiose and said that him having an affinity with New 
   Zealand was not reason enough to overturn his deportation.

   They noted McCarty had served jail sentences in the United 
   States in 1998 and 2003 for threatening behaviour and 
   breaking a restraining order and that he had also been 
   convicted in 1991 of making harassing phone calls and 
   sentenced to community work.

   The tribunal said there was no evidence to support the 
   claims his presence in New Zealand was needed to prevent 
   his adopted family becoming destitute and that he could 
   support them financially from the US if he wanted to.

   "Neither the appellant's services to New Zealand music 
   nor his devotion to this country are exceptional 
   humanitarian circumstances."