The Phoenix Foundation

   Dateline: Te Aotearoa (NZ)
   2 June, 2012


   The Phoenix Foundation (Band)
   Founded: 1997
   Wellington, New Zealand

   Band Claims That Origin Of
   Band's Name Is:
                               'MacGyver' TV Show

   The Phoenix Foundation (Band)
   And Thomas Oliver (Band)

   Michael Oliver (Born 1930) Is A Lithuanian
   Immigrant Of Jewish Descent, Las Vegas real
   Estate Millionaire, And Political Activist:

   * Minerva Atoll Attempt At Nation Crook (1972)
   * Anti-Vanuatu Nation Coup Leader (1980)

   The Phoenix Foundation (Band)
   Hyped 'Boy' Movie Song:
   'Flock Of Hearts'


   Dionysis [i.e. Bacchus \ Nimrod] Whose 'HEART',
   During His Laceration, Was Snatched Away By
   Minerva And Preserved. 'HEART' Then Filled With
   Multitude Of "gods" After Bacchus Nimrod

   Michael Oliver Of Jewish descent,
   Music Mafias

   More On Michael Oliver:

            32 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

                    Written By:  
                                  Grace Molisa,
                         Nike Nike Vurobaravu,
                         Howard Van Trease

   28 May, 1980 \ 2012
   "French complicity in the secessionist
   movements is even more obvious considering
   the fact that this is the fourth time that
   Jimmy Stevens has been receiving direct financial
   aid from the ultra-conservative Phoenix Foundation,
   which is run by the millionaire American
   businessman, Michael Oliver, and has been involved
   on two previous occasions in attempts to set up
   independent states free from taxes and government
   control. Their first attempt was the declaration
   of the Republic of Minerva, which the Phoenix
   Foundation hoped to build on the partially
   submerged Minerva reef southwest of Tonga.
   Following the failure of this venture after the
   King of Tonga went to the reef and declared Tongan
   sovereignity, the Phoenix Foundation attempted to
   engineer the secession of the island of Abaco in
   the Bahamas.
   When this failed, Oliver turned his attention to
   Vanuatu, where he already ahd extensive land
   holdings. The activities of the Phoenix Foundation
   in Vanuatu and its support for secessionis movements
   have been widely publicised and are known by the
   French Government as they are to the average man
   on the streets in Port Vila.
   It is hard to believe that the french Government
   would like to see Santo fall under the influence
   of American business interests, since it is one
   of the islands in the group on which French land
   and business interests are heavily concentrated.
   It is obvious that the French have encouraged
   the insurrection in an attempt to discredit the
   legitimacy of the Government of Vemarana, as the
   secessionists have named their break-away state,
   once they have succeeded in forcing the Lini
   Government to grant sufficient autonomy to the
   island of Santo so the French interests and
   influence could be maintained.

   During the 1970's, the French Government attempted
   to create an opposition to the growing nationalist
   movement in Vanuatu. The setbacks in the 1975 and
   1979 elections led the French Residency to even
   more radical activities to block independence.
   At present they are actively supporting the
   secessionist movements and the evidence is mounting
   that they were involved in the planning and actual
   execution of the terrorist revolts on Santo and Tanna.

   In the early morning hours of 28 May 1980 a
   co-ordinated attack began on the British Paddock in
   Luganville on the island of Santo, where all
   government officials reside as well as the majority
   of Vanuatu Government police. Houses were ransacked,
   private property stolen and occupants forced to flee.
   At the same time, the police headquarters were
   attacked, government property stolen and police
   officers imprisoned. Some eventually escaped but
   nine government officials, including police and the
   District Commissioner were taken to Fanafa Nagriamel
   headquarters, and held hostage for nearly two weeks.
   Member of Nagriamel and other opposition groups took
   control of Lunganville town, Pekoa Airport and the
   radio station and declared the independent state of
   Vemarana. However, although Jimmy Stevens and his
   Nagriamel members were made to appear the organisers
   of the uprising, the real political force behind the
   secession are French planter and business
   with Phoenix Foundation support.

   Shortly after the above attack, evidence began
   to come out indicating French Government support
   and involvement. On 29 May 1980, the Chief Minister
   received a communique from the British Resident
   Commissioner that a small private plane had flown
   directly from Noumea to Santo on the afternoon of
   27 May, the day before the seizure of Santo by the
   Vemarana secessionists. In accordance with the
   Control of Airport Joint Regulation JR 12/48, such a
   flight would have required authorisation of the two
   Residences and the filing of a flight plan. The
   British Resident Commissioner reported that no
   authorisation had been made by the British Residency.
   The communique reported further that the French Resident
   Commissioner, Inspector-General Robert, had admitted
   that the airplane probably included among its passengers
   New Hebrideans who had attended a recent meeting in
   the Bahamas under the aegis of Mr. Michael Oliver,
   Director of the Phoenix Foundation, and at which
   investment plans for an independent Vemarana were
   tabled and offered to prospective financiers. It has
   since been confirmed that there were indeed three
   opposition party leaders on the plane. In addition,
   the plane was reported to have carried a large amount
   of luggage which is suspected to hve been arms and

   In addition to the apparent immunity enjoyed by
   French officials and property during the revolt, the
   French Residency maintained direct radio contact with
   its representative in Santo and the Gendarmerie. All other
   radios belonging to various government departments and
   private individuals and companies have been seized or
   destroyed. General Robert flew to Santo on 9 June after
   the economic blockade on Santo had been declared. The
   airstrip was cleared by the Vemarana officials. He met
   with all the French citizens and assured them that
   "they were not to worry about the shortage of fuel
   and food (due to Government blockage of the port) because
   the French Residency would supply them from 'New caledonia'.
   The ship Nagriamel Federation was present on 1 July 1980
   in Noumea loading supplies for Santo without the required
   customs clearance. Thus the French were involved in the
   revolt from the start and continued to support the rebels,
   despite French Government and Residency pronouncements
   that they opposed secession and supported the
   democratically elected government of Vanuatu."