666 Lucent Technology - 6th Floor

Recently, it was announced that AT&T has split into 3 seperate
companies. One of the three, the company formerly known as
Bell (Bel / Belus) Laboratories, has been fresly renamed 
Lucent Technologies.

In Lucent's press release for 'Inferno', a promotional
quote by Peter Bernstein, president of Infonautics Consulting,
who praised Lucent's software product with these words:

                    "inferno is designed to take 
                  the chaos out of the electronic
                             Tower of Babel."

Lucent's statement that "Inferno (internet/computer) applications
are written in a new language called 'Limbo' which was designed
specifically for the 'Inferno' software environment."
Inferno, Limbo ? Where Inferno means Hell - and Limbo is
the act of being suspended in a lower compartment of Hell,
awaiting judgement or punishment. 

"Communications protocols" designed into Lucent's 'Inferno'
software are called 'styx'. In pagan mythologies and religion,
'styx' is a synonym for the fiery, brimstone underworld region
where devils reside. In other words: Hell !

Lucent . . . Inferno . . . Limbo . . . Styx. 
All synonyms for Hell !

     But combined with AT&T's choice 
     for a logo of the fiery-red circle so 
     prevalent and prominent in pagan
     and other dark cultures, these things
     do, indeed, arouse inquiry and suspicion.

   Just as intriguing, in the 'USA Today' 
   article we read:

            "AT&T hopes the name and logo - 
                       a simple red circle - 
                will illuminate awareness." 

     In the Bible, Lucifer is bequeathed the title, 
     the "son of the morning."  He is said to often
     come disguised as an "angel of light."  He 
     was anciently worshipped by pagans as 
     "the Sun God, the Illuminated One, the God
      of Light."  The circle itself represents their
      satanic deity, the great and fearsome Solar
- who is pictured biting his own tail
      in a circle.
The fiery, red sun, or circle, is his image.  The Holy Scriptures reveal
him as the "great red dragon" and his global system as the scarlet
beast.  How interesting that the logo for Lucent Technologies is a
red circle. 

Modern day New Age and Freemasonry groups continue this ancient
glorification of Lucifer.  One prominent New Age organization is the 
'Lucis Trust'.  Its latge founder, Alice Bailey, hailed the horned one as 
"bringer of light," the "shining one."  he is, she trumpeted, the "Illuminator
of mankind. Since Bailey's global occult group, the Lucis Trust, reveres
Lucifer and the Illuminator of mankind and also promotes Freemasonry,
with its Egyptian religion - That Lucis Trust was first incorporated in 
1922 as Lucifer Publishing !
                                       322 / 22

The 'Inferno' network system is designed to enable TV's, radios, phones,
and other electronic products to become interactive and tied in.

In 'Crain's' (formerly, Crain's N.Y. Business), appeared
this advertisement (July 1-7 1996):

"Lucent Looks For Space"
Lucent Technologies, the #21 billion former equipment division
of AT&T, is cruising Manhattan for space.  The company has already
signed a lease for 40,000 squre feet at 666 Fifth Avenue, at a
rent estimated in the high $30s per square foot and is now looking
at an additional 150,000 square feet at Financial Square in downtown
Manhattan.  Cushman & Wakefield represents Lucent. The landlords -
Sumitomo Realty at 666 Fifth and Paramount Group of Financial Square -
are acting on their own behalf."

Thanks To Texe Marrs For The Above Information