The Suppressed Truth About The
Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

Author:  Burke Mc Carty
              I.S.B.N. 0-879968-169-1

                    CIVILIZED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, 
                    ONE WORD FROM THE POPE OF ROME. "

                                                   Burke Mc Carty

" Do you think for one moment that these priests in Canada, 
or the priests in Washington, would have dared to have become 
parties in this conspiracy, thereby involving their church, without 
the full knowledge of the Roman hierarchy? Priests receive all 
their orders from the Pope through their Bishops. "

" I wonder if the non-Romanist reader gets the full import of a 
Roman priest in the City of Rome, at that, advancing a sum of 
money to a foreign youth, as the Reverend Dr. Neane did? 
This, itself, without any of the other tremendous facts showing
the aid that this young traitor received from the priests in 
Washington, Canada, England and Italy, was sufficient to have 
held them to justice by hanging them on the same scaffold 
with their dupes."

"Subsequently the same person, accompanied by a party
(Priest La Pierre-Ed.) came on board before the ship left port, 
whom he introduced to the surgeon as Mr. McCarthy.  During 
the voyage McCarthy made himself known to the doctor as 
John Surrat, and related to him many of the particulars of the 

"But this is certain; he succeeded in making his escape safely 
to Montreal, Canada, and was lodged securely in the house of 
the parents of the Roman priest, La Pierre, who was waiting 
and ready to receive him, close by the papal "palace" of the 
Archbishop to whom he was secretary."

"When Surratt left the home of Porterfield, he was under the 
wings of the French priests from under which he never departed
until they had seen theship surgeon on the Peruvian and arranged 
for his safe passage as we have seen."

"The facts brought out at the two trials of Surrat, after he had 
finally been returned to the United States, showed that the fugitive 
had gone to the little village of St. Liboire, some sixty miles out 
of Montreal, skirtiing the pine woods, and an ideal place for the 
purpose. The parish priest's name was Boucher.  Here he secreted 
Surratt for several weeks, when the hunt for him got too hot in 
Montreal which was being combed thoroughly for him."

"There is not a record that I have been able to find, wherein there 
is one word of criticism, one world of disapproval, one word of 
regret officially, or otherwise, on the part of the Roman Catholic
Hierarchy for the participation of the Romanists connected with 
this conspiracy, which consummated in the murder of Abraham 

"When his trial began in Washington on June 10th, 1867, the 
presence of Roman Catholic priests and the students from the 
Jesuit University at Georgetown and the Sulpician Monastery 
where he had studied three years for the priesthood, where the 
most noticeable features of the sessions. Although he declared 
himself a bankrupt, he was furnished the services of the best 
lawyers. When it became necessary to furnish bail for his final
release, it was immediately presented by an Irish woman he did 
not even know, to the amount of thirty thousand dollars 
($30,000). According to press reports this stood there until his 
death in 1916.  This is some friendship, is it not?"