Public Land Development Corporation

27 August, 2012
Mitchell Pauole Center 
Kaunakakai, Moloka'i, Hawai'i

'You Will Not Be Allowed To Put-One-Over
On The Kanaka Maoli'

The Newly Enacted Public Land Development Corporation
(P.L.D.C.) Through The Predictable Totally Corrupt Evil 
Designs Of Democrat Party's Governor Neil Abercrombie, 
Held A Meeting Between Themselves And The Public At Large.

A Meeting That Was Designed To Inform The Public That
They Were Here In Hawai'i To Develop A Set Of Islands
That Is Already Over-Developed.

    The Meeting Was A Spirited Total 
    Rebuttal From The Moloka'i Island 
    Community Against The P.L.D.C.

    Here Below Is The Cast Of Accomplices
    Which Comprise The P.L.D.C., And Below
    That, The Facts That Totally Blow-Apart 
    The Conspiracy Against The Hawai'ian 
    People (Kanaka Maoli) And Concerned 
    Ha'ole Who See This As Yet Another 

Assault On Everything They Hold Dear, That Being The Future And 
Viability Of The Island's Resources And Way Of Life:

Kalbert Young
(Chinese Descent)

Duane Kurisu
Vice Chair And Hawaii State Senate Designee
(Japanese Descent)

Mary Alice Evans
Department Of Business, Economic Development And 
Tourism Designee
(New Age Whack-Job Ha'ole Quack "Doctor")

Robert Bund
Hawaii State House Of Representatives Designee
(Filipino Descent)

William J. Aila Jr.
Department Of Land And Natural Resources


Lloyd Haraguchi
Executive Director Of The P.L.D.C.
(Japanese Descent)

Joy Kimura
Assistant To The Executive Director
(Japanese Descent)

Randall Ikeda
Program Director
(Japanese Descent)


Lloyd Haraguchi: Asset Manager Of The James Campbell Estate
(James Campbell Co. LLC)
Oversaw The Complete Over-Development Of
Kapolei, O'ahu.

Mrs. James Campbell: Hawai'ian Ali'i (Royal)
President Of The Hawai'ian Women's
Patriotic League
Was Totally Against Annexation By The
United States Government (1893)

Wrote Letters To U.S. President (1896)

Therefore Lloyd Haraguchi Is Nothing But A Land Rapist
And Over-Development Operative, Working With And For
The Japanese Take-Over And Destruction Of Hawai'i.
Lloyd Haraguchi Went Against Every Single Desire And
Wishes Of James Campbell And His Hawai'ian Ali'i (Royal)
Wife Mrs. James Campbell.  Lloyd Haraguchi Is A Miserable
Short Little Man Of Little Intelligence, Beyond His Lust
For Money And Total Corruption And Environmental Destruction.

And Like Most Ha'ole, Lloyd Haraguchi Pronounces Moloka'i
Not As Hawai'ian (Kanaka Maoli) But Rather Like The 
Regular Inept Un-Concerned Individuals, Who Have The 
Nerve To Live In Hawai'i And Not Even Pronounce The
Names Of The Islands Properly.

Lloyd Haraguchi - Yet Another 'Hawai'ian Shirt' Wearing
Bogus Hawai'ian.  Johnny-Come-Lately Newcomer FAD Of
1920's Hawai'ian Shirt Conspiracy.  You Will Notice That
Most Of The Totally Corrupt Hawai'ian Politicians Wear
Hawai'ian Shirts.

Duane Kurisu: Chairman And C.E.O. Of AIO Group
A Real Estate Investor And Owns And Manages
Office Buildings, Shopping Centers And
Industrial Parks

Minority Owner Of O'ahu Publications:
Namely The Honolulu Star Advertiser

Involved In Sports Radio (ESPN)
Part Owner Of The San Francisco Giants
Thus Duane Is Involved With SPORTS MAFIAS.

Corrupt '1000 Points Of Light' Masonic
Works Scheme - Where Monies Are Donated
And Given Not To Suffering United States 
Citizens But Rather To Foreign Entities.

BASEBALL: San Francisco Giants
Of Which Duane Kurisu Is A Part Owner.
The San Francisco Giants Have Made Numerous Vile
Extortion Threats Against The City Of San Francisco,
Whereby They Would Leave The City (Candlestick Coliseum)
Unless The City And It's Residents Pay For A New Gigantic
Boondoggle Coliseum (Quoted Billion Dollars), So That 
The Giants Baseball Team Can Play In A New Stadium - Instead 
Of Upgrading The Existing Facility. Yet Another Scheme
Of The Already Legendary Sports Mafia Cabal.

The Gaul And Nerve Of The Sports Mafias, Played-Out
Time And Time Again (i.e. Raiders) With Clear Threats
From Private Racketeering Sports Mafia Entities,
That They Will Leave The Cities That They Are In
Unless The Private Citizens Pay For The Private
Corporate Sports Mafia Demands For Yet Another
Bogus Need For A New Stadium.

1) Extortion Threats
2) Tax Payers (Many Who Do Not Even Like Baseball)
Would Be Forced To Pay For Private Enterprise
Baseball And Football Teams Coliseums, Stadiums.
Many Times Clear Theft Through The Use Of Totally
Fraudulent New Taxes Included In Utility Bills
Of The Cities Affected (i.e. 49rs In Santa Clara

Duane Kurisu: In His Own Office Of The AIO Group, 
Is A Picture Of John F. Kennedy And 
Robert F. Kennedy:

A Prop Used In The Video "News" Piece
Done About Duane Kurisu And AIO Group.

U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy
Would Assuredly Be Looking Into And
Investigating The Mafia Tentacles And
Totally Criminal Activities Of The
Sports Mafias That Duane Kurisu Is Now
Involved In.

Honolulu Star Advertiser
"Sports, The Opiate OF The Masses"

The Historic And Present-Day Completely Corrupt
Conspiracy Of Silence And Monetary Influences
That Direct The So-Called "News" At The Honolulu
Star Advertiser Is Morally Corrupt To The Extreme.

Of Note:
At The San Francisco Airport A Massive Corrupt
Filipino Hiring Scheme Was Un-Covered, Where Filipinos
Were Hiring Themselves -- So The Make-Up Of The AIO Group 
And Most Assuredly The Public Land Development Company Is 
Under Scrutiny With A Proven Japanese Conspiracy Afoot, 
In The Over-Development Schemes And Take-Over PLOT
Of The Hawai'ian Islands.
Duane Kurisu Needs To Know That Concerning The
Japanese Conspiracy Of Complete Take-Over,
The Kanaka Maoli 'Take This Very Seriously'

AIO Group - Japanese Conspiracy
P.L.D.C - Japanese Conspiracy

Yet Another Conspirator At The P.L.D.C. Meetings,
Including Japanese Computer Operators (Not Shown)

Mary Alice Evans:
Iridologist And Herbalist Quack Whack-Job

Iridology: The Majority Of Medical Doctors Reject
ALL Claims Of All Branches Of Iridology
And Label Them As Psuedo-science Or Even

Critics, Including Most Practitioners Of 
Medicine, Dismiss Iridology, Given That 
Published Studies Have Indicated A Total
Lack Of Success For Its Claims.

Iridology Chart (Of Iris)
Looks Like Astrological Non-Sense.
New Age Quackery From The Alchemist Age
Of Utter Nonsense (1665 A.D.)
Charlatain Occult Alchemist Philippus Meyeus

The Fraudulent Medical Practice (Iridology
Created In Order To Trick And Fool Individuals 
For Financial Gain - (1665 / Beastial 666)

1666 A.D.
The Burning Of London And The Burning Of
Mary Alice Evans Corrupt New-Age Novato
California Hatched Hippiedom "Doctor"
Of Corrupt "Mind" Psyche.

Well Controlled Scientific Evaluation Of
Iridology Has Shown Entirely Negative
Results -- With All Rigorous Double-Blind
Tests FAiling To Find Any Statistical
Significance To Its Claims.

Study: Journal Of The American Medical

3 Iridologist Incorrectly Identified Kidney
Disease In Photographs Of Irises And Often
Disagreed With Each Other

Study: British Medical Journal

Iridologist Could Not Identify Who Had
Gall Bladder Disease And Those Who Did Not.

Recent News:

On The Island Of Maui, A Mega-Mall That Was Built
Totally Under Fraudulent Means, By-Passing Existing
Environmental Constraints, And Stated Intentions Of
The Builders. A Complete Scandal That Is Rocking
Maui Right Now With Environmental Activists Very
Upset At What Is Going On On Maui. Yet Again More
Over-Development And Corrupt Politicians Who Need
To Be Removed To Hell Itself.

Surfrider Hotel, O'ahu
Japanese Owners Went Totally Outside Environmental 
Constraints Alreay In Place To Prevent Upward 
Development Of The Hotel, Along With Plans To Build
Right Up To The Water Front - Once Again The Case
Of The Japanese Menace Of Over-Development In
The State Of Hawai'i.

Out Of Touch With True Kanaka Maoli Who Are Concerned With
The Future, Cultural Integrity And Way Of Life Given By
God To The Kanaka Maoli. Exactly Like The March Across
The Pacific During World War II, The Japanese Only See
Themselves As Controllers Of Other People's Islands.

Therefore This Expose Is But A News Bomb
A Literal Nagasaki, Hiroshima News Flash
Concerning The Wretched Racist Take-Over Of The
Hawai'ian Islands By Corrupt Over-Development
Scheming ($) Japanese And Others.


Proposed Chapter

13) The Extent To Which The Proposed Project Will Create
Revenue-Generating Centers Or Opportunities To
'EXPLOIT' potential local, national and international

Proposed Chapter

The Eligible Developer Or Corporation Shall Consult With
Affected Community Groups Such As:

Neighborhood Boards
Business Associations
Homeowner's Associations
Surrounding Property Owners
And State And County Legislators For The Region

The Administrator MAY Invite Comments From Appropriate
Agencies In The Review Of A Project Proposal For
Cultural Sensitivity, Appropriateness.

NO Mention Of Time-Lines Of Meetings, Or The Fact That
NO Mention Is Made Of Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawai'ian)

Sub-Chapter 3

"Aquisition Of Non-Public Lands To Preserve Leisure or
recreational enterprises"

"Comply With Applicable Federal And State Laws Prohibiting
Discrimination Against Any Person On The Basis Of Race,
Ancestry . . ."

DISCRIMINATION Against Kanaka Maoli (Hawai'ian Natives)
With Literally No Kanaka Maoli Respresentatives In The
Public Land Development Corporation

House Bill 2156:

"The Legislature Finds That The Powers Granted To The
Public Land Development Corporation Go Beyond What Is
Necessary And May Threaten The Commitments That The
State And Its People Have Made To Protect Native
Hawaiian Tradition Customary Rights And The Natural
And Cultural Resources That Make Hawaii Unique."

Chapter 171C

"Hawaii Revised Statutes, Does Not Ensure An Appropriate
And Culturally Sensitive Public Land Development Program.
The Legislature Finds That The Exemptions Are:

Overly Broad
Remove Important Planning And Mangement Tools
Increase The Likelihood Of Unprecedented 
Development Of The State's Public And Private
Lands, Including A Handful Of Rural Community
Strongholds Where Native Hawaiian Beliefs,
Values, Traditions, And Customs Continue To
Be Honored And Practiced

The Purpose Of This Act Is To Repeal Chapter 171C,
Hawaii Revised Statutes, And Encourage The Utilization And
Improvement Of The Existing System In Order To Use Public
Land For The Economic, Environmental And Social Benefit
For The State.


A Vote Was Taken At The Public Land Development Corporation
Public Meeting In Kaunakakai, Moloka'i Hawaii On 27 August,

To Circumvent Existing Laws And
Environmental Constraints In Hawai'i.