NZ Spy Satellites And Major Blunders 
(Posted To Internet)
Once Again I Would Like To State That I Used To Live
Very Near N.A.S.A. In California, And Am Aware Of Some
Of The Latest Gadgetry That The United States Goverment
Has In Space - Namely U.S. Predatory Spy Satellites Positioned
Above Many Countries Around The World.  Even Though New
Zealand Is Part Of A.N.Z.U.S., The Country Is Still Deemed
As Non-Compliant In Going Along With Being Controlled
And Dictated And Dominated By U.S. Foreign Policy.

As I Stated, I Was So Excited To Again Be Looking At The
Southern Hemisphere Constellations, As I Am Unable To
See The Southern Cross Or Other Stars In The Northern
Hemisphere.  Having Just Come From The United States
I Of Course Was Up At Around 4:00 A.M., And Thus Ventured
Outside Of My Torbay Home, And Decided To Look At The
Stars.  The Best Way To Watch Stars Is To Look Directly Up.
So I Did Just That.  As I Was Looking At Stars Directly Above
My Torbay Home, I Noticed A Spy Satellite Move In The Way
That I Already Stated (Morning Of 20th & 25th May, 2011)

The Way That The New Zealand Government (Labor Dept.)
Interviewed Me As I Entered New Zealand, Proves To Me
Personally That I Was Topic #1 That Night (19/20th May, 2011)
The New Zealand Government Working Hand-In-Glove With
The United States A.N.Z.U.S., Was Utilising One Of The Spy
Satellites To Observe Any Suspicious Activities Over My House.
Torbay, North Auckland, New Zealand.
The New Zealand Government Bargained More Than They
Gambled For, Because  I Caught Them In The Act Of Spying

With The A.N.Z.U.S. Treaty, My Address Could Of Course Be
Available To The United States Government, As I Entered The
Country, And The Spy Satellite Could Very Well Be A U.S.
Spy Operation Against Me Personally, I Do Not Know.
But This Is For Certain - That There Was A Spy Satellite Over
My Home In Torbay On The Dates Concerned.

For Your Information Geopelia, The Latest Jet Propulsion Spy
Satellites Can Achieve Orbit And Then Literally Move Around
To Achieve The Ultimate Spying Capabilities, And Stealth.
What Worries Me Deeply Is That This Whole Issue Has Not
In Any Way Been Dealt With, Informing Un-Suspecting New
Zealand Citizens, Of The Covert Spying Going On In Our
Own Country.

After I Left New Zealand, My Own Whanau Told Me That They
Had Also Seen Suspicious Lights In The Sky Above The House
Which Also Confirmed To Me That Something Sinister Was
Going On.

I Am Most Concerned With The New Zealand Goverment
Employing The Use Of A.N.Z.U.S. Spy Satellites From The
United States Government To Ultimately Spy On
Un-Suspecting New Zealand Citizens.

And Yes, The Object (Satellite) Was Not A Helicopter,
Nor An Aircraft.  I Personally Have Been Looking Into The
Sky For Quite Some Time And Certainly Know What An
Orbiting Satellite Or A The Space Shuttle Looks Like As
It Crosses The Sky At Night.  The Spy Satellite That I Saw
Was Moving In Ways That Could Only Be Achieved Through
Jet Propulsion On The Satellite Itself.

The New Zealand Government Was Trying To Sneaky
And Try And Spy On My House, Hoping To See Some
Terrorist Or Illegal Activity.  I Was #1 On The List When
I Came Into The Country.  Remember Something Geopelia,
During Operation 8, Individuals Who Possessed Maori
Dictionaries Were Later Charged With Having Terrorist
Documents (Maori Dictionary).  I Highly Suspect That
The New Zealand Government Was Worried About Me
Personally And That My House Was A Hot-Bed Of
Maori Subversion And Terrorist Activities - When
Nothing Of That Sort Was Ever On Our Minds Or

Unfortunately For The Over-Sneaky Spying New Zealand
Government, I Caught Them In Their Own Act, And Thus
This Investigative Reporter (Me) Has In Fact Un-Covered The
Secret Operations Of Our Own New Zealand Government.
My Intentions In New Zealand Was To Save A Whanau
From Homelessness, To Take Te Reo Maori And Work
Alongside New Zealanders To Save Their Country From
Outside Take-Over - Just As I Had Done For Years On
KFJC And KKUP FM In California, Having Worked With
The New Zealand Governemnt From 1985 Onwards,
And Even Writing A Personal Letter Of Thanks To The
Rt. Honourable David Lange In 1989.

I Now See How New Zealand Treats Their Own.
Once Again I Must State, That I Was The Only Person
On The Radio In The United States Who Was Presenting
New Zealand In A Positive Light All While Supporting
The New Zealand Government's Decision To Pull Out
Of A.N.Z.U.S.  With New Zealand's Re-Attachment To
The A.N.Z.U.S. Treaty Now, My Efforts Are No Longer
Appreciated Nor Are My 10 Years Of Positive Efforts
Towards The Country On 2 Radio Stations.
One Of My Advertisements Can Be Seen On My Own
(1991 Advertisement)

I Arrived In New Zealand In 2011, After 26 Years Absence
And Found A Nation Wholly Changed And Not The Same
Country I Left In February 1985.  Today, I Find That The
Nation Has Totally Drifted Towards Disaster And
Catastrophe, With The Introduction Of Masses Of
Totally Bogus "Refugees" Who Have No Intention Of
Assimilating To New Zealand - And Yet I Am Treated
With Utter Scorn And Revulsion.  I Can See Now What
New Zealand Does To Their Friends, How They Treated
Me So Callously And With No Understanding, Especially
In The Humanitarian Level Of Appeals (V J Shaw).

After Calling-In To Bruce Russell's Program On
NEWSTALK ZB, My Arrival To New Zealand Was Met
With Utter Shameful Actions By The Hand Of A Select
Group Of Government Toads Who Think They Know
What Is Truly Good For The Nation.  Sadly Funny,
I Was In New Zealand In 1985, Well Before Many Of
The Government S.I.S. Boys And Girls Were Even Out
Of Elementary School !

The New Zealand Government Has Treated Me In
Such A Shameful Way, Especially With My Activities
Over The Years On Radio Stations In California.
I Will Unfortunately Probably Never Come Back To
New Zealand, Due To The Activities That Have
Ultimately Destroyed Every Hope And Dream I Had
To Save A Whanau From Homelessness.  At This
Stage In Life, I Am In A Way Sorry That I Spent So
Much Of My Life And Time On Radio Trying To
Defend And Protect The Nation, From An Overly
Aggressive United States Reagan Era \ Clinton
Era Government Who Always Tried To Paint
New Zealand As The New Enemy.

New Zealand, You Really Should Be Ashamed
Of How You Treated Me !

Now Again For The Other Spying Against Me
And The Terror And Fear That The Goverment
Agents Tried To Inflict Upon My Mind While
I Was Here.

Another Amusing Thing -
As I Was Being Interviewed By The Department Of Labour
(Immigration) At The Tainui Auckland Airport, The Person
Interviewing Me Did Not Know What The Word:
"Eloquence" Meant.

Good God, I Should Work For The S.I.S.
Or Some Government Agency !
You Big Dummies !
You Have Made A Whanau Homeless And Destitute And
Turned Me Against You !
Good Gamble You Big S.I.S. Dummies !

Additionally Shameful !

V.J. Shaw Who Conducted The Hack-Job Humanitarian
Appeal Decision, Stated That The Supporting Letter
That Was Written By The Rawiri Whanau, Was
"Undoubtedly Written By The Appelant"

The Rawiri Whanau Is So Upset At That Slant Against
Their Intelligence !
The Rawiri Whanau Is Totally Livid About That Insult !
A Pakeha Insult Against Maori Intelligence !

Righteous Retribution And Revenge Is Sweet Beyond All Measure.
A Never-Ending Fully Documented Expose Of Sinister Undertakings
Of The New Zealand Government, And Splattered Across Countless
Newsgroups Until Doomsday, Along With New Websites (Plural)
Wholly And Soley Devote To Soiling New Zealand's 100% Pure
Image Before The World Shall Be Just Reward, For Those Within
The New Zealand Government Who Saw It Fit To Not Only Instill
Terror And Fear Into Me Personally While In New Zealand, But
Also Who Are Directly Responsible For Making A Maori Whanua
Literally Homeless And Destitute.  Especially When I Had The
Monies To Lift Them Out Of Hopelessness.

V.J. Shaw Of The "Humanitarian" Tribunal Is The Lightning Rod.
There Are Certainly Others Who Will Be Named And Shamed.
The False Accusations By V.J. Shaw Are So Egregious That Her
Mantle And Pedestal Of Divine Judgement And Wisdom Will
Assuredly Come Crashing Down To Nothing, After I Am Finished
Doing The News Blitz On Her Contempuous Actions Under The
Authority Of The New Zealand Government.

The New Zealand Government That I Worked With Starting In
1985, Is Certainly Not The Government That Is In Power Today.
The Country Is One Disaster After Another, Namely The Total
Destruction Of My Life's Dreams, To Literally Save A Maori
Whanau From Homelessness And Destitution.

I Hope And Pray That New Zealand's Gangs Help V.J. Shaw
Walk Across The Street !

I Have Sincere Friends In Vanuatu, Assuredly I Need Not Waste
Any More Time Trying To Save A Nation That Has Already Chosen
To Self-Destruct.

Good Going New Zealand, You Lost One Of Your Staunchest
Supporters And Friends !

I First Entered The New Zealand Consulate General In
San Francisco Around 1982, Seeking Permission To Take
Veterinary Courses At Massey University In Palmerston

After An Un-Successful Attempt To Gain Admission To
Massey University, I Decided To Come To The Country
In February 1985.

After I Came Back From New Zealand In February 1985,
(U.S.S. Buchanan Affair), I Decided To Get Back Into
Radio At A Local Radio Station In California.  Seeing
My Own U.S. Government Attacking New Zealand In
Every Way Possible, Including The Vile Attacks Against
The Right Honourable David Lange -- I Went Back To
The New Zealand Consulate General In San Francisco
And Asked For Their Help In Securing Recorded Material
For My Radio Program (Later 2 Radio Programs On 2 Stations)

At The Time The New Zealand Goverment As Represented
By The Warm Staff In The San Francisco Consulate, Was
Characteristic Of What New Zealand Was At The Time.
The Consulate Provided Me With A Multitude Of Albums
From Herbs, Which All Contained Dire Musical Warnings
About Nuclear Energy.

I Continued To Use Those Albums On My Radio Programs,
Where I Also Conducted Interviews With Greenpeace NZ
And Other Commentary That Supported New Zealand's
Efforts To Remain Neutral And Non-Nuclear (David Lange).
In Sincere Gratitude I Wrote To The Right Honourable
David Lange And Thanked Him Personally For What He And
The Government Was Doing, And The Support They Had
Shown Me In My Aspirations To Paint New Zealand In A
Positive Light, As Opposed To The U.S. Government Media
Complex, Which Would Later Ultimately Try To Ravage
The Right Honourable David Lange When He Appeared
In The United States On His Way To The Infamous Debate
In Great Britain.

Over Those 10 Years On 2 Radio Stations I Was Able To
Instill Good Feelings About New Zealand To My Listeners,
And Help The Striving Tourism Trade And New Zealand
Tourism Board (i.e. John Key),  In Their Efforts To Help
New Zealand's Economy Through Tourism.

After The Passing Of My Parents, I Decided To Follow My
Life's Dreams, To Ultimately Help New Zealand Once Again
By Coming To New Zealand And Literally Save A Very Poor
And Destitute Maori Whanau, One Who Had Adopted Me
Into The Tainui Iwi And Into Their Whanau.  I Was Happy.
Then -
I Was Finding That My Presence In New Zealand Was Met
With Spying And Treachery That Was Designed To Cause
Fear And Terror In My Life.

In Desperation To Save A Whanau From Destitute Homelessness,
I Even Applied To The Humanitarian Tribunal (V.J. Shaw), Of
Which V.J. Shaw Stated That The Letter From The Rawiri Whanau
Was "Undoubtedly Written By The Appelant", Amongst Other
Egregious Statements Reflecting A Pathetic Pakeha Mindset
Of Irregular And Wrong Decision, That No Doubt Afflict More
Individuals Than Just Myself.

In My Desire To Be A Member Of The Tainui Iwi And Rawiri
Whanau That Had Adopted Me, I Decided To Take Te Reo
Maori At Rotorua's Waiariki Tertiary.  The Loving Staff There
Told Me That I Was The First International Student To Ever
Inquire Or Be Accepted To Take Te Reo Maori.

Remembering The Policies Of 1985, I Remember The New
Zealand Consulate Telling Me That Something Like $50,000
U.S. Dollars Was All I Needed To Become A Citizen Of
New Zealand.  Today Things Have Changed Assuredly,
Where Countless Bogus So-Called "Refugees" Have
Inundated New Zealand, Where Many Have No Intention
Of Assimilating To The Nation, Nor Even Any Appreciation
For The New Zealand Nation That Gave Them A Real
Opportunity To Live Within It's Borders.

There Are Multitude Of Incidents While In New Zealand
Of Which I Will Speak About Later, That Speak Of Direct
Treachery And Terror And The Instilling Of Fear, That
Was Directly Aimed At Me Personally.

I Am Ashamed That I Spent So Many Years On Radio And So
Much Effort Trying To Defend New Zealand, While My Own
Evil Reagan Era Government, And Clinton Era Goverment
That Was Doing Everything Possible To Attack And Make
New Zealand The New Enemy.

Unfortunately I Have Had To Withdraw From The Te Reo
Maori Course In Rotorua, With Much Sadness On Both
Ends, Along With The Legal Battles Just To Stay Here,
That Ultimately Led To The Breakdown Of My Own
Whanau, Who Are Now Without A Home, Without Hope
And Who Will Most Definately Die Pre-Maturely, Because
I Was Unable To Provide For Them Here In New Zealand.

I Am Quite Aware Of Literal Murderers Who Have Been
Given Citizenship And Residence Here In New Zealand,
And Yet I Cannot Even Take A Place Her Amongst A
People And Nation That I Truly Loved, Because Of The
Hack-Job So-Called "Humanitarian" Tribunal Where
V.J. Shaw Enacts Completely Evil Decisions, All While
Falsely Accusing Me Personally Of Writing The Supporting
Letter That Was In Fact Written And Composed By The
Rawiri Whanau In Torbay.

Jah Almighty Knows I Desperately Tried To Help A
Whanau Out Of Homelessness, As I Have Enough
Monies To Support Myself And Them Also.
V.J. Shaw Had The Audacity And Insulting Tone
To State That I Could Still Send Monies To Them
While Outside Of The Country.  V.J. Shaw You
Deserve To Be SMACKED -- I Am Not Rockefeller
And I Do Not Have Un-Limited Funds To Support
Myself Somewhere Else And Then Completely
Support My Whanau Here In New Zealand.

The New Zealand Government Is Out Of Control.
A Mechanism That Has Lost The Warmth And
Compassion That I Remember Quite Clearly
At The New Zealand Consulate General In
San Francisco In 1985, And The Warmth Of
The Right Honourable David Lange Who Did
Write Back To Me, After I Wrote To Him In
1989, Thanking Him And The Government For
Their Helping Me To Do What I Needed To Do,
And That Was To Be The ONLY PERSON IN

New Zealand (V.J. Shaw, Etc.) Has Fucked Me
Over Royally !

---> And I Was Even Getting Excited About
      Queen Elizabeth's Warm Approach To
      Ireland, As Was Stated By Her Majesty
      Just Recently.

Yes, Plenty Of Talk On Radio About Me, Etc.
But Who Is Doing Anything ?


I Never Thought In My Wildest Dreams That
I Would Entertain The Idea Of Going Against
A Nation That I Tried Desperately To Help
For Years, And Also Trying To Save A Whanau
From Homelessness.

The Nation Has Changed In 27 Years, Since I
Came Here In 1985, And I Am Not Happy In
The Least In The Disastrous Future That You
As A Nation Have Chosen For Yourself,
A Nation Of Self-Destruction.