Every conspiring researcher who has studied the 9/11 scam
and hoax knows about the shenanigans of Jewish billionaire
Larry Silverstein. Silverstein bought the World Trade Center
towers and buildings in 2001, just months before they came
crashing down. The shrewd Silverstein had insured them twice,
so that he would get paid double their market value if something
happened to this expensive real estate. He was thus richly
rewarded when the “19 Arab terrorists” (Not!) guided those
passenger aircraft into the towers.

It was also Silverstein who admitted that he had given the
order to “pull” (his term) building 7, another skyscraper
in the World Trade Center complex. Building 7 had not been
hit by an aircraft, and the fact that it imploded in a
controlled demolition and crashed to the ground is proof
positive that the whole 9/11 incident was an “inside job.”

As it turns out, Gingrich and Silverstein have a long history
of—shall we say?—“special dealings.” In 1995, Congressman Newt
Gingrich became Speaker of the House of Representatives.
That same year, Newt’s second wife, Marianne Gingrich, landed
a plum job with a firm named the Israel Export Development
Company (IEDC). Marianne, who had no business experience
whatsoever and had previously been employed as an “image
consultant” for a beauty cosmetics company, became IEDC’s
Vice President.

Now IEDC just happened to be owned and run by Zionist
billionaire Larry Silverstein, and so, Gingrich’s wife,
Marianne, found herself working for Larry Silverstein.
It was a miraculously good deal for a woman who knew
absolutely nothing about international business and
exports and had previously mainly dealt with how much
make-up and cosmetics a woman should put on her face.
You don’t suppose that her new, high paying job had
anything at all to do with the fact that her influence
peddling hubby was the powerful Speaker of the House of
Representatives, do you?

The sticky wicket gets even stickier, however, when we
discover that Silverstein’s IEDC is an offshoot of a
pro-Israel lobby group called Advanced Strategic and
Political Studies (IAPS), which, at the time Newt’s
wife came on board as Vice President of IEDC, was linked
with the Jewish neocons responsible for the lies and
propaganda that propelled American troops into the invasion
of Iraq and Afghanistan.

And things don’t stop there: sticky...sticky...sticky.
Turns out that Marianne Gingrich’s job was to try to get
American companies to move to Israel, and take all their
jobs with them. How nice is that—more leveling of America
and deconstructing of the American economy by the Zionist
freaks? Worse even that that, another of Marianne’s assigned
tasks was to work closely with yet another Israeli company,
the Koret Israel Economic Development Fund, to place interns
in key congressional offices.

Uh oh! Got that? Marianne Gingrich, wife of Newt, the man
who held the most powerful office in the entire U.S. Congress,
placed Jewish interns in key congressional offices. Can you
pronounce the word, “Mossad?”

We know now that Monica Lewinsky was a White House intern
whose placement was arranged by Israel. Such agents watch,
monitor, report and perform various other “special duties.”
Dossiers are built up, and Congressmen and other politicians
one day find out they best vote for whatever or whoever is
best for Israel—or else.

Gingrich himself must have quite a fat dossier sitting
somewhere in a file cabinet—or stored in a computer, perhaps
at AIPAC, ADL, or even in Israel. The lusty former Speaker
left his first wife for his then office receptionist in the
Capital, and that mistress was—Surprise!—Marianne. But then,
Gingrich had yet another fling with a new chick, so he deserted
Marianne for a younger woman, and now he’s married to this
beautiful blonde, Callista. Oh yes, indeed, Gingrich has quite
a history and dossier, and that’s just the guy’s sexual
peccadilloes. One wonders what financial wonders lurk in that
Mossad dossier.

To further enhance his role as Rothschild front man, Newt
recently “converted” to Catholicism. In February, 2010,
some 500 Catholic millionaires, initiates of the Opus Dei
affiliate, Legatus, met in Dana Point, California to honor
Gingrich and former President and Jew/Catholic loyalist
George W. Bush. Gingrich was lauded by the group for his
conversion and even gave his “Christian testimony” regarding
his leaving the Southern Baptist denomination to become a
convert to “Holy Mother Church.” His new wife—his third—was
on hand.

Columnist: Kevin Barrett

Chutzpah, Thy Name is Silverstein! Larry Wants More Billions for
Blowing Up the WTC

If you thought Andrew “assassinate Obama for Israel” Adler was the last word
in chutzpah…think again.
Larry “blow up the World Trade Center for Israel” Silverstein is light-years
beyond Adler.

Larry Silverstein, you may recall, is a reputed mobster who allegedly got
his start in the sex services business and then oozed into real estate. Two
months before 9/11, Silverstein finalized his 100-year-lease on the white
elephant, condemned-for-asbestos World Trade Center complex – and proceeded
to double the insurance and hardball his insurers into changing the policy
to “cash payout.”

On 9/11/01, Silverstein skipped his usual breakfast at the top of the North
Tower. He says his wife reminded him of an appointment with his
dermatologist. Other family members also stayed away, with other excuses.
All of those who breakfasted there died. Silverstein and family survived.

After confessing on national television to blowing up World Trade Center 7,
Silverstein went to court and asked for – and received – double indemnity,
including almost a billion dollars for WTC-7 – the very building he had
confessed to blowing up. Larry had the chutzpah to claim that there were two
separate, unrelated terrorist attacks (the two planes) so he should get
twice the money. Somehow that worked, presumably thanks to a mobbed-up
judge. “Lucky Larry” walked away with more than five billion dollars, plus
rights to rebuild.

But that wasn’t enough chutzpah for Larry. For the past several years he’s
been back in court, asking for 11 billion dollars from the airlines’
insurers. Now Silverstein has somehow convinced AMR, the parent company of
American Airlines, to give him a special dispensation. Even though AMR has
filed bankruptcy, which theoretically should stop all lawsuits against it,
the company’s attorneys have – for unstated reasons – chosen to insert a
special rider into their bankruptcy agreement which allows Silverstein to
continue suing the company.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Silverstein’s company, which leased the Twin Towers and two other World
Trade Center buildings from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey,
is seeking billions of dollars in damages for alleged negligence by the
airline, according to the lawsuit. It is also seeking compensation for the
lost rental income; the developer had signed 99-year leases for the space
just two months before the attack.

Lost rental income?! Larry, those Towers were condemned for asbestos! You
would have had to spend many billions, probably double-digit billions, to
scrape every bit of asbestos off the frames of those buildings to legally
collect rental income. Not only that, but the Towers had a very high vacancy
rate and antiquated communications infrastructure. New York City had been
desperately seeking a way to demolish the Towers for at least a decade, but
could not do so because of the asbestos. The WTC complex was a gigantic
money-loser for the City, and it would have quickly bankrupted any private
owner…had not a certain act of urban renewal by other means taken place on

As if all that isn’t enough chutzpah, get this: Larry Silverstein used his
9/11 insurance fraud money to buy Chicago’s Sears Tower!

How could Lucky Larry possibly top all of his previous acts of over-the-top

Simple: He could blow up the Sears Tower, brag about it on national TV, and
collect more double-digit billions in insurance money on the premise that it
was somehow the fault of the Muslims.

After all, Lucky Larry is on a winning streak.

Will he roll the dice one more time?