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   30 January, 2012
   Mitchell Pauole Center
   Kaunakakai, Moloka'i
   Concerned Citizens Of The Island Of Moloka'i Along
   With Members Of The Local Government And State
   Government, Along With The Coast Guard Gathered
   To Discuss Issues Relating To The Evolving Situation
   Involving The Volatile Arrival Of The American Safari
   Cruises' Yatch Safari Explorer Into Kaunakakai Harbor
   On 21 January, 2012.

   Governor Neil Abercrombie Called For A Security Zone
   Which Comprised The S.F. Based Maritime Safety And
   Security Team, (Anti-Terror Zodiacs) Along With Officials
   Patrolling In Jet-Skis And On Land.  These Actions Were
   Prompted Because Of Protests Which Were Offered
   Against The 26 November, 2011  Arrival Of The Same
   Vessel.  The Actual Size Of The Security Zone Was
   925,000 Square Yards, (Reportedly 50 Football Fields),
   Thereby Taking Over The Kaunakakai Harbor And
   Surrounding Areas, And Depriving The Island's
   Residents Of Conducting Business And Enjoying
   Their Island And Ocean.

   Heated Commentary At The Meeting Last Night
   Included Some Very Poignant Issues Offered:

   1)  Moratorium Needed To Stop Cruise Ships Into
        Kaunakakai, Moloka'i

   2) Millions Of Dollars To Improve Kaunakaki Pier, Is
       Claimed By Local Residents To Be Ploy To Allow
       Future Larger Cruise Ships Into Kaunakakai Harbor.

   3) Commercial License Needed To Pay For Trash
        Dumping, Which Is Claimed To Be Purposely
        Being Dumped On Moloka'i Because Other
        Islands Prevent That Dumping.

   4) Community As A Whole "Says No" To The
        Cruise Ships Into Kaunakakai Harbor And

   5)  Evacuation Of Bilge Tanks Is An Issue Yet
        To Be Dealt With, With The Reports Of Large
        Cruise Ships Dumping Refuse And Effluent
        South Of Kailua-Kona, Big Island.

   6)  Princess Cruises Was Caught Fairly Recently
        With Dumping Trash Late At Night Into The
        Open Ocean - Therefore The Cruise Operators
        Cannot Be Trusted Because Of An Already
        Un-Caring Business Practice And Criminal
        Dumping Track Record.

   7)  Improvement To Kaunakakai Harbor Will
        Include A Size Re-Adjustment Of The Water
        And Sewer Pipeline, From 8" To 26".
        Claims That This Is Being Done To Usher In
        Future Large Cruise Ships Was Alleged.

   8)  A Reported 2,000 Lb. Allowance Of Lobster
        To Be Fished From The Local Moloka'i Waters
        Is Yet Another Inflammatory Issue, Where
        Local Citizens Are Frightened That Their Whole
        Livelihood And Aqua-Culture Around Moloka'i
        Is Being Threatened Immensely.

   9)  A Ballot Initiative Designated For A Future
        Election, Is Yet Another Suitable Alternative
        To Literally Stopping The Adventures On The
        High Seas By Special Interest Cruise Ships,
        Where Once Again, The Community Has
        Already Made It's Feelings Known, That
        They Are Against Further Predation And
        Destruction Of Native Kanaka Maoli Lands
        Fisheries, And Environment.